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  1. I was at the craft store a while back and came across some floral wire. I bought some and have been using it to strengthen the wings on my models. it is really soft and easy to bend yet firm enough to help form a nice straight wing. It is formable even after the wings are built. The kind I use has a yarn like wrapping on it which makes it glueable.

    OOps I posted this in the wrong place. Aanayone know how to get rid of a thread once you have posted it?
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    Actually, your idea for the wire might apply to some of the real space models for internal supports for long parts. I'm thinking of some of the satellite booms, Canadair Shuttle arm, etc.

    Thanks for posting.
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    If you wish to move... Well I did it for you ^^
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    Leaving the solar array space-modellers in a flap?

    Sorry - (slaps own wrist.)
  5. Lex, Thanks but how do you do it? In case I make the same mistake again.
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    Floral Wire for Wing Tips, Canadarm, etc

    That´s a great tip, timhinds,

    Any hints on make or brand name, or other searchable subjects?
    I´d really like to get some of this coated, glueable wire and try it out for myself. I can think of a number of areas where this would be a great help.

    Bengt :thumb:

  9. Just go to any craft store that sells artificial flowers and supplies. They have several different types available. They call the glueble type "Cloth Wire" and it is 18" long. it is green. I also use it to hang my models. I make a cradle that I can just lift them out of when I want to show them.

    Brand name PANACEA

    Panacea products Corps.
    Columbus Ohio, 43228
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    Floral Wire for Wing Tips, Canadarm, etc

    THANKS, timhinds, :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    for the speedy reply! With this information, it shouldn´t be too difficult. I will certainly try to get it here in Sweden.

    Very best regards,
    Bengt :wave:

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