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Discussion in 'Dioramas & Displays' started by thewoodengraver, May 5, 2006.

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    For many many months now, I have been gathering paper models which will all go together to create TINYTOWN which will be renamed to TINYTOWN2. I am confident I have all the models I want to go into it but the design and mapping process is painfully slow.
    While browsing last week, I found "print planet town" http://canonprintplanet.com/kids_fun_pptown.shtml and "crafttown" http://cp.c-ij.com/english/3D-papercraft/craftown/index.html from Canon which has all the elements for a quick prototype and instant gratification in the same scale as TINYTOWN2. I scaled all models from print planet town down to 20% of origional and I scaled the train down to 35% of origional. All parts for this diorama fit onto one page. The blue car measures 5/16" for instance.
    The entire Diorama measures 4" X 7-3/8" . I know it lacks realism but this model was intended to test the scale I was going for. Though childlike, the overall effect is stunning, to me anyway. Next post will show more pics.
  2. thewoodengraver

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    Here's a few more pics...
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    looks great, but might I suggest putting the train in the foreground (turn the model around) as its a little big and then it will have a vanishing point effect

    also for the trees you can just crumple small balls of green inked paper/tissue and get a great 3-d effect on the trees/bushes and still stay in scale.
  4. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Thank you jleslie48 !
    I know the train is not to scale...nor is anything else! I just wanted to make this model as accurate to the website I found it on as I could. It was just for fun. Tinytown2 will be scaled more accurately and hopefully produced more realistically. And Tinytown2 will be much bigger, approximately 16" X 22", while maintaining the same scale as Tinytown1.
  5. modelincard

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    Looks great!

    If you're interested, there are some decent simple trains here. It also includes a station and some other stuff.

    Hpoe this helps.:grin:
  6. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Thank you Alex ! Those are great!! Some will come in handy.:grin:

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