Tiny Titanic model

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Zathros, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Zathros

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  2. opalmox

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    Beautifully done...
    I may have to try may hand at this one. My wife loves the history in and around that ship, so it'll make a nice gift for her. Good thing that she doesn't subscribe to all the forums that I'm on. :D
  3. Vince

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    I have the Helicopter aircraft carrier downloaded, one of those to get around to...someday.
  4. ASHO77

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    One problem...

    Great little model but I don't speak japanese so it's going to be hard to figure out what bit of text I'm supposed to click on to download it !! :confused:
  5. Dented Rick

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    Ash077, here is where to click. just scroll until you see what is in the picture:

    mini titanic.jpg
  6. This inspires a thought. Someone recently made a Guinness World Record for building the biggest paper model of the Titanic (something like 8 feet long). I wonder if they'd record the smallest paper model of it?
  7. nathanmagus

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    One other problem, which I have, with this model is that I'm clumsy and worse if the model is this small... I'll have to enlarge the image to get a good model, but that means it won't be a "tiny Titanic" anymore!

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