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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by treestoart, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. treestoart

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    Hello friends,
    I am just about finished with this model,the Mayflower from Micromodels/Modelcraft set A_i Romance of Sail, all I need is rigging (cringe).
    I have made a couple attempts but cannot get the thread tight without deforming the model. I am using standard sewing thread which looks too bulky for this size model.Any suggestions will be warmly welcomed. I will keep working on it but heck, it looks pretty good without rigging.

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  2. andrewthewise

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    You might want to try human hair. I know it sounds rather odd but it does work and produces quite sucessful results. You will, however need super-glue (if you are not using it already).

    Now all you need is a willing source (siblings or a spouse are probably the best place to look :).


  3. Joseph

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    if plastic is not a problem for you, you can make plastic threads out of an old kit sprue. Heat the sprue over a flame, then gently pull it apart untill you get a thread of appropriate thickness. With a little training, results can be quite good.
    Best regards,
  4. CharlieB

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    Great looking model! Keep up the good work!

  5. Jim Krauzlis

    Jim Krauzlis Active Member


    I like using fly tying silk for the smaller scales. It comes in many colors, but I usually like to paint it to stiffen the thread and make it easier to apply to the model. I would suggest trying some 6/0, 8/0, 10/0 or even 14/0 and seeing which you like best. One thing, the thread tends to unravel if you don't treat it with anything, so painting it or stiffening it with glue is probably the best idea to avoid this problem.

    I use PVA a lot rather than CA or the UHU types of glue (acetate based or whatever that non-water based stuff is) and find it works well enough; I apply it with a small brush which gives me great control over placement of the glue. It helps to thin the glue a bit with water to avoid clumping as in small dabs the glue tends to dry pretty fast, at least in this weather when the house is less humid.

    Although I use acrylic paints for the most part, I would not hesitate to suggest using some oil based paints, might penetrate the silk better and dry stiffer than the acrylic...since these silks are made to be water resistant for fly tying use it seems to resist the acrylic paints some times, depending on the thread.

    Anyway, hope some of this is helpful.


  6. treestoart

    treestoart Guest

    Thank you ALL for those suggestions!
    I am about out of breath chasing my Wife around the house with a pair of scissors so I think I will try those other methods first, she has to sleep SOMETIME! heh heh heh.
  7. Tirta

    Tirta Member

    Hi Phil,

    Very nice build !!
    Where do you get the kit ?
    Are there other sailing ships from the set?


  8. treestoart

    treestoart Guest

    Hi Tirta,
    The kit mentioned can be found online for sale.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Phil,

    Ok, I know that alot of the guys here have heard this little tip by me before and are probably tired of hearing it, but i think it may help you.
    Monofiliment fishing line (nylon) comes in various diameters including very small diameters. glue one end to the "mast", then string it to the other glue "point" and glue it there, "Super glue" works best with this, allow the glue to dry. Then with a lit cigarette ( I hope you are a smoker lol) slowly bring the heat from the cigarette closer and closer to the fishing line. This will cause the line to shrink between the two glue points, causing the line to tighten. after all the rigging is in place, the clear line can be painted with a marker or paint.

    I hope this helps, have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  10. treestoart

    treestoart Guest

    Thanx guys!
    I have tried the plastic melting technique several times, usually resulting in little flaming melted plastic bombs! (one of my favorite toys during my pyro period) I will keep trying however. Another tip I learned was to put a drop of plastic model cement on a finger, then touch it with another finger, and when you pull your glued fingers apart...Viola! (I usually end up with Irish pennants everywhere),(I'm Irish so no slander intended).
    I am probably going to try the fly fishing ties AND the fishing line heated to fit .
    GW, I believe a blow dryer or heat gun will work as well, if one chooses not to smoke, though I haven't tried that yet... :grin:
  11. pbhawkin

    pbhawkin Member

    rigging material

    You could try a product called "EZ line" that is used by railroad modellers for making telephone lines ontheir dioramas. It has the property of being very stretchy so you can make nice tight rigging! it comes in different colours and I think thicknesses. a google search ("EZ line" model rail) should find it, or here is where they make it;

  12. lizzienewell

    lizzienewell Member

    I use quilter's invisible thread for some things. It's monofiliment that's about the thickeness of human hair. It comes in black or clear. I get it at Jo-anne's fabric. It should be on display with the thread in any fabric store.

  13. treestoart

    treestoart Guest

    That's what I love about this group :)

    Thanx Peter, thanx Lizzie,
    WOW, so many suggestions! and quick response too, that's what I love about this group!

    To be honest, I'm going to try ALL suggestions for rigging my model until I find the one I like best. (guess I get to build tiny Mayflower #5,6,7,8,9,and probably 10 times).(or I could cheat and make a jig representing the masts? Hmmm...

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