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  1. 2Kamser

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    hi, i wonder if anybody has sen any model of the rocket from Tinitin's books?
  2. charliec

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  3. 2Kamser

    2Kamser New Member

    thanx a lot Charlie :)
    This is the one i've been looking foor. Haven't seen it here even though i've been searching for it (maybe did not spell it correctly).
    Only problem now is that i'm out of toner in my color laser printer and will be so until end of the month :(, but then i will go for it and perhaps add the LED's to it as well
    best regards Håkan
  4. Oliveira

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    2Kamser, can you please share the uncompressed file with me? I donwnloaded the zip file but it doesn't work. Grrrr... Cheers!
  5. shurricanger

    shurricanger New Member

    The same with me, I've tried several times to download it, but it always stopped after about 400kb, can somebody help me? Thanks! :cry:
  6. Alcides

    Alcides Member

    I've downloaded it without problem. Send by pm to me your email address and I'll send it to you.
  7. SJPONeill

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    Sometimes you just have to persist with that site - I got it OK but only after a few attempts...very keen to see how the build goes...
  8. shurricanger

    shurricanger New Member

    Thanks a lot, I'll sent my email address via pm to you. :thumb:
  9. Rocci

    Rocci New Member

    I just downloaded the model.
    I'm curious concerning the result...
  10. I contacted the designer directly, and he sent me the files. A terrific model - absolutely wonderful fit. No need to use the complicated compasses cutting method: just scissors worked excellently for me. Planning to build a second version with open hatch and led lighting. Picture on my website www.zeistbouwplaten.nl, Aviation>Space
    Diderick A. den Bakker, Holland.
  11. Alcides

    Alcides Member

    Diderick Could be nice to see a bigger picture of your tin-tin rocket.
    Can I ask you from where is the model in your site wich the picture is just
    above the tin-tin rocket?

  12. Elliott

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    Sometimes changing browsers solves the download problem. If you are running IE try Firefox or Chrome.
  13. Retro rocket; Tintin

    Hello Alcides:
    I found the retro rocket at the top of the picture while searching for this sort of model via Google Pictures. Then I had to contact the designer, who kindly sent me the files - sorry, I have not made a note of his name. I will send you the material if you like. One drawback to many of these phantasy rockets: no, or only badly fitting formers... an experienced designer friend helped me out.
    The thing in the bottom of the picture is a tin toy, based on the same sort of SF book covers of the '50ties.
    I have attached a bigger picture of the Tintin rocket for you.
    Always interested in more of this type of model! No later than ca. 1970 - I am not into Startrek etc.

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  14. Alcides

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    DAdB thanks for the picture. You did a great work, looks very clean. Definilty I've to try this one.

    Thanks for the info about the picture, I googgled ( Can I say that ? ) and found this one:


    Could be nice to have a paper model of that tin toy.

  15. Eric Ferguson

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    There's a link in this thread to another Tintin rocket, complete with LED lighting on this forum. Remembered it from awhile back. Tried to download a couple of times, had a corrupted file. Tried again today, perfect download. Like the idea of mixing paper modeling with simple electronics <G>!
  16. valmy33

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  17. bladix

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    I was really looking to find a tintin rocket model! I entered the forum just for this I think I'm 9 posts away from access to downloads :D
  18. Zathros

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    You can download that model now, bladix. The download rule is just for models we host. That's a very nice model Valmy. The pieces for the pods on the wings have to be cut with a beam compass, I wonder how many left in this generation even know what one is let alone how to use one. I actually have one very similar one shown, it's a Sterret, except mine is around 12" inches long. Nice forum with lots of nice models. Thanks for the link Valmy!! :) :thumb:
  19. PemTech

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    YAY! Been looking for a good TinTin model for a while.


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