TimRock is somewhere in the Middle

Discussion in 'RC Onroad Forum' started by Starguard, Feb 3, 2004.

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  1. Starguard

    Starguard Member

    Actually I have no idea what he is like. I never met him (smile)
  2. bandit1

    bandit1 Member

    look, i know ur fairly new to the forum. but that was a totally useless post. please try to not do it again... please!
  3. Starguard

    Starguard Member

    Just Kidding:D:D

    Hey, How many of you guys here have a REAL car? If you want to discuss something with real Muscle, try coming over to Team Camaro or Team Chevelle. There are a lot of really cool guys over there with a great sense of humor that I'm sure you all would like. "and yes there are quite of R/C'ers over there too...C'mon over and give it a try [8D]
  4. This is an rc forum buddy not a show off your car you drive to work place. we are here to make friends and learn things at the same time
  5. Starguard

    Starguard Member

    OK OK Calm down guys , Believe it or not I'm here for the same reason. :D Most people I know that are into R/C also have their own cars too. (or at least some of them). Anyway, after reading through a lot of the posts on this site,you guys really seem to know your stuff. To me thats wonderful. The R/C I have is a KOYOSHO Gas Powered Truck with a Futaba Digital Proportional Radio Controller. She can really fly when she's warmed up (although I doubt if I could ever get her up to 100mph) :D. I also managed to get my hands on a Cox R/C FanJet from Radio shack a few days ago (yea yea I know I know), but I won't get the chance to see how she performs till the weather lets up. By coming here I hope to learn from you guys how I can get her to run as fast and efficient as possible. For whatever its worth to you guys, I think you are all a swell bunch to hang out with on the web, and I hope that together we can cover as much ground as possible in the world of R/C.

    Stay Cool Everyone[8D]:D
  6. timrock

    timrock Active Member

    what do you mean by `timrock is somwhere in the middle`?
  7. mastmec

    mastmec Member

    I'm guessing they are refering to your head somewhere in your colon. That is the section of the large intestine extending from the cecum to the rectum.
  8. Starguard

    Starguard Member

    Nothing bad or demeaning TimRock..It was intended as a joke (No Offense).[8D]

    From reading some of the postings listed on this site you and your friends seem to have some pretty good ideas when it comes to R/C modifications. I've been following this site now for quite some time but just receintly decided to register so I can draw as much info from you guys as possible. Im gonna try a few of them and will let you guys know how things turned out..[8D]
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