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    I was wondering if someone could point me to a website or tell me how I can figure out scale time...E.g. 1 hour real time = what in scale time (HO,N,O Scales)

    Anyhelp in this would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank You
  2. Tyson Rayles

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    Welcome to the Gauge! There is no relationship between real time and scale time based on the scale you are modeling that I know of. Some modelers do use a "fast" clock when operating, but it has nothing to do with the scale of the railroad. I have a n-scale railroad and have my fast clock set at 8 to 1. It takes about 1 and a half hours to have an operating session which at 8 to 1 = a 12 hour day. If my railroad was HO and it took the same time to operate and all I want to depict is 12 hours the clock setting would stay the same. I hope this makes sense and was of some help.
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    Howdy Mr Zero
    I agree with Mr Rails, time is constant over the different scales. Just think of a scale scene as being viewed from a further distance away. Scale speeds appear the same using the same clock speed. (Hmmm, you might have to ignore the discrepancy in the speed of sound. Wish I hadn't thought of that. Hey Tyson, hope that's not considered rivet counting?? )
    :D :D :D :D

    Cid from Mississippi
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    I have found a program for a fast clock for your PC. I dont know how I can send it to you, but i can tell you where I got it.
    Please remember that I HATE YAHOO, and I would never do this to you if it wasn't neccessary. First go to Yahoo.com, and sign up. Be sure to check all the boxes, telling them NOT to send you any mail or offers or garbage like that. Once you get to the Yahoo home page, find and click on the word 'GROUPS'. When you get to the groups home page, enter
    EXACTLY as I have it spelled here. Join the group. From their homepage, select 'Files' and look halfway down that page for FastClock.exe, and download it. It is a variable-speed fast clock, for use on your computer, whether it is online or not. Simple download, simple to use. Makes you want to slow those trains WAYYY down! Have fun, Bill
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    Scale time

    Scale time is intended to allow you to run a time table on your railroad in a reasonable fashion. Unless you have a couple of pole barns to build in, your layout will probably be (much) less than a scale mile between towns. To get around this, we speed up time so that it appears to take 15 minutes or more to go from A to B.
    Problem comes when you get into switching, as serious switching can take almost as long as the real thing, or longer if you have people like me doing it. Then you need 2 different times in your layout which is a problem.
    Alternatively, you can work with a sequence clock, where you move the clock forward by hand when the operation is done. This can slow operations down to the slowest operator.

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