Time to Start IPMS 2007 Preparations?

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Gil, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Gil

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    Hello All,

    Is it too soon to start preparation for the 2007 IPMS contest? I'm asking for a little help from IPMS members for their help in getting a dialogue going now for the August 2007 Nationals in Pasadena, California. -Gil
  2. Hi, Gil!

    Actually the 2007 IPMS/USA National Convention will be held at the Anaheim Marriott hotel, very close to Disneyland. It will take place August 22-25.

    I'll probably have more information next week after our club's July meeting (our chapter's hosting the event). So far we've had few announcements as a traditional courtesy to this year's convention organizers (in Kansas City). but soon we'll get the publicity machine going full blast.

    I'll find out exactly which model categories will have a paper model sub-division, and whether we can have a special section devoted to displaying paper models not in competition. And then we'll concentrate on panel discussions/presentations, demonstrations, a "make and take" table for younger attendees, dealers, etc. Hopefully we can have a "mini West Coast paper model show INSIDE the IPMS Nationals!

    Oh, by the way... I noticed that Trader Sam posts here. Sam, I was planning to e-mail you before the end of the month, but one of the special theme competitions at the 2007 Nationals is "Disney Models". You think you might have a couple that fit that category? ;-)

    More news to come soon!

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