Time to make RI fan jealous!

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by kf4jqd, May 22, 2002.

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    Hello RI fans!

    This past week my Grandmother past away in Davenport, IA. Jessica and I went to her funeral on Tuesday. As we cross the I88 bridge in Silvis, ILL, I saw the Rock Island old yard. Today on our way home, I want to stop and take some pictures. However, a secuirity guard stopped us and told us we had to leave. He did say if we went into the maine office and asked permission, we could stay. Needless to say, it was after 5pm. So we didn't get any pictures at the site. We did drive to a small open field and took some. They have ALL kinds of locos in the yard. I couldn't get any close ups. I did get some. Since we don't have a digital camera, you'll have to waite until the film is developed! :(


    Shane, I did get your email.
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    Andy, Sock it to 'em, sock it to em!

    Tell the RI droolers that the pics turned out so very crisp and clear with all the stock in original colours etc .... BUT ... the dang pics are too big to post in here ... :D :D . heh heh heh, am I wicked or what??? :D

    Awww heck, I just can't stand to see grown men cry!:) . OK post the picks asap.


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