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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by nachoman, Jan 13, 2008.

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    Hey guys,

    Progress? Heck! It's football season! :twisted: that means I tend to favor modeling projects that can be done in front of the TV :mrgreen: I haven't made much more progress on the layout than show here. I've been busy at work, doing houshold and auto repairs, and have been a tad lazy. But, today I have the day off work, and my goal was to finish up a 3-rail switch that has been on my workbench for two months. Once I get that swtich completed and layed, I can really test the track out, and if all checks out, continue onward and upward with the scenery.
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    Kevin - don't despair! So many projects stay on the workbench for years (I should know, I've been working on my Shifter for over 4 years now!) and never seem to go anywhere and THAT'S OKAY! I go back and look at photos from when I started and that makes me feel better and worse at the same time. I'd bet you and a few others know exactly what I mean.

    Life just seems to get in the way, don't it? Well, hang in there! I like the progress you made on the stacked foam and the high line. Celebrate the small victories because they add up to the finished product before you know it. Push through that switch work. It sounds like you'll be able to enjoy running some trains and there's nothing that seems to inspire more than watching them roll and dreaming about what will be.
  3. steamhead

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    I'm with Tetters....Don't recall seeing this thread before...It's sure nice it got bumped up 'cause there's some nice railroadin' going on here...:thumb:

    Keep up the good work and post as time/progress allow...
  4. tetters

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    Hey Kevin,

    Looking at that last photo, I'm wondering if maybe you'd like to locate the ground throw on the outside of the track instead on the inside where it is now? Not trying to make more work for you, just wondering if it would be better situated on that side? I imagine with it being situated in between the cliff face and the track, it might start to feel tight once scenery is applied. Maybe?

    ...and besides...I don't like reaching over my tracks if I can avoid it, so something like that would bug me on my own layout. :cry: :mrgreen: sign1 :p :p :p :mrgreen: I keed, I keed!!! :mrgreen:

    A thing occurred to me while looking at those three rails is that I realized what a challenge it has been for me to work with just one gauge. I admire your skill and patience to hand lay narrow as well as standard. Your lines look really smooth and neatly spiked.

    Keep up the good work. :thumb:
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    Looking good man.

    Kevin : Can't wait to see the cliff. This is alot of layout in the space you have. Good luck! frank

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