Time Machine, anyone?

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ARMORMAN, Jun 15, 2007.


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  2. B-Manic

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    Thanks - looks great :)
  3. halfchips

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    cheers for this but can someone tell me how to print this out so its six pages instead of the one page as it is at the mo thank you muchly
  4. SCEtoAux

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    1. Open the jpeg in a graphics program like PaintShopPro or PhotoShop
    2. Duplicate the jpeg and work on the dupicate(this is an optional step, but highly recommended)
    3. Use the Selection tool and draw a box around one of the six sections
    4. Copy the Selection
    5. Paste the Selection as a new image
    6. Repeat 3-5 for the other sections.
    You should then have six separate images that you can print out on six separate pages.
  5. paperbeam

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  6. halfchips

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    cheers SCEtoAux that sorted it,the people here are so helpful many thanks
  7. cardmodeler

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    Awesome! Thanks, Armorman! I was asking a couple of weeks ago if anyone had seen a model of the time machine and had no responses. :-D
  8. cjwalas

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    This is great! A friend of mine has the original and he loves paper models as well, so this will be a nice surprise for him! Thanks!
  9. jleslie48

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    yippee!!!! this has been on my wish list for the longest time!!!!!1
  10. modelnutz7

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    Time Machine

    Hi All,

    It's really wonderful the Time Machine has been modeled, but Is It me that finds the resolution of the download poor?


  11. B-Manic

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    Yes, it is only 96 dpi. I bumped it up to 400 dpi then resized it back to the original page size

  12. SCEtoAux

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    It looks like a Pepakura 2D pattern developement pdo sheet was copied and saved as a low resolution jpeg. :???:
  13. ekuth

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    How? :-?
  14. Bengt F

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    H.G. Wells´ Time Machine

    Thanks, Armorman!

    It´s a beautiful model. I remember the time machine from an early 60s movie . . .

    Got to build it.

    Bengt :D
  15. SteveM

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    Paint Shop Pro or similar. But it does not improve the resolution any, just makes more pixels, but the image is still low quality.
  16. modelnutz7

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    Time Machine

    I really would love to build the model but I am put off by the low resolution, I have tried e mailing the designer. Would one of our Japanese members mind trying Please?


  17. Gearz

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    Thanks Bill, one of the classics!

    :grin: :grin:
  18. lairdre

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    Time Machine

    If you build it with the crystal handle in the forward postition, it will show up on your desk next week totally complete. :) How cool is that! 8)
  19. Fantastic, Armorman! The c-mod of my dreams, at last! I hope you wouldn't mind if I link to it on my new movie cardmodel website with a a tiny thumbnail. This really needs to be seen. Thanks!

    Paper Hollywood

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    Not my design. The link at PK has an email, you can ask the designer there.

    ....though you've already linked to my Omnidroid.....

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