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    This is the last one I plan on doing. The paint job is easy, but the disassembly of these beautiful beasts is enough to make a preacher swear!! If they could come as a kit of disassembled parts, I may rethink the above statement. They are fun to build, though!
    I have it on TSAWDMH, as it doesn't fit my era. As per the BN Photo Archives, BN 8400-series engines, well, never were; so it fits a fantasy scheme well! BN never had any 8400 number on an engine. BNSF prolly does, but I digress.
    Before it's AWOL, check a look:
    The Tigerstriped face is a result of a single decal, rather than tedious masking and painting of the stripes. The entire engine is decorated verbatim from the lettering diagram (in the Microscale decal sheet) of BN 8002.
  2. Matthyro

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    A beautiful paint job hemiadda2d
    Nicely done.
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    Nice work, SD90's are VERY hard to get apart, or is it put back together?!

  4. hemiadda2d

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    Mike, if you can shave off that little protrusion on the light casting holder, the black thing that keeps the cab from lighting up, the one on the very end that goes under the forward end of the long hood, assembly is much easier. Disassembly is the part that makes me soo mad! The hardest part is removing cab glass without breaking it. An early issue of NSR mag featured how to disassemble these giants. I forget what issue. Other than the cab, the rest is pretty straightforward. Even installing MT 2004's is easy, if the front plow is not installed. Like I said, if Kato offered these parts, undec, in a kit, unassembled, I'd make more, but as it stands, they are simply too hard to completely disassemble (sans breakage) for paint.
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    Beautiful job well done hemiadda2d. :) :thumb:
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    Paint Job


    Very nice! Like they say...."It ain't easy being GREEN". ;)

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