Thursday Again! Sit And Visit, Have A Cup.

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Shay Driver, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. Shay Driver

    Shay Driver Member

    Howdy Hi Everybody,

    The goodies are on the table and the brown stuff is hot.

    Do not forget folks there is always iced tea in the fridge of an afternoon.

    Phil, lucky you. :cool: :rolleyes: :cool: I have not seen any real snow for eleven years. :( :D

    Davidstrains the prayer is an excellent idea. :cool: :cool: :) :cool: :cool:

    Tom PM hope that the chicken soup worked and you are feeling better.

    Debbie, RE: the Birthdays. Just think of it as PAY BACK TIME. :D :rolleyes: :cool: :rolleyes: :D

    Howdy Jack D. :cool: :) :cool:

    When I have to Walt, when I have to.

    Eightyeightfan1, You must've gone to the wrong door, cause this place does not close down until long about 10 PM to midnight. And then it's only for a couple of hours to clean up and chase Casey's cap out the door. :D :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :D It goes right on over to the Blue Note a lookin' fer it's owner. :cool: :D :cool:

    Take a train to work today.

  2. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member

    Morning everyone!

    Thursday...know what that means...the weekend ain't far off!


    Anyhow, been busy working with Win2K Adv server and setting up IIS 5.0. I finally made it back.

    Anyone know where I can get some good BN artwork for a T-shirt? Just personal use...don't plan to sell them. I was so perturbed when I went to the last show, and they didn't have ANYTHING in the way of BN Tees!

    Made a couple more orders:

    A new Trainworld order...

    4 NS motive power
    4 Santa Fe motive power
    4 CB&Q motive power

    Also, I ordered a couple Bachmann Plus B23-7s for my Santa Fe division, from TrainStop in CA.

    I apologize to all the friendly folk who are waiting for my site to be updated. Lost the PW and got myself locked out of the site. I think the Woman did some cleaning back here in the system room, that is why I cannot find it. Anyhow, I hope to have that fixed soon, and be able to update the site.

    Just my ration of donuts and tea for me this morning. Busy busy busy, so no time for a hearty breakfast. Kinda chilly this morning.

    Hopefully we get the truck back from the shop today. I am getting tired of having to borrow the neighbor's car to do anything. She refuses to get her brakes changed, and now the rotors on the front are starting to grind. Hey, it isn't my car. :D :D

    Have a great morning everyone! Russ, is talking about a chat on RROnline...who all is gonna be there?

  3. Wolv33

    Wolv33 Member

    NEW POLL at RROnline

    Hello everyone,

    I didn't think this post would be appropriate out there in the General area, since this is The Gauge and this post has to do with the new forums we are in the process of creating.

    I just wanted to take the time to stop and ask you to please vote at the new poll on Russ's group-RROnline.

    The poll concerns whether or not you are in favor of a registration process for the new forums.

    Thanks for your attention, and I now return you back to your regularly scheduled program.

  4. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Good morning folks,

    Feeling much better today. Lived on chicken soap for two days. It will be nice to taste real food again. Saw a trailer train roaring through Abrams Yard this morning on the way to work.

    Modeling has been on hold because of being sick. Hopefully tonight it will pick up some more.

    I hope everyone has a good day.
  5. NYCentral

    NYCentral Member

    I'll send you some Nelson!!

    Good Morning Everyone!! Snow melted yesterday but it is 26 degrees this morning.:confused:

    And of all days I have to work outside all morning.
  6. trainchaser

    trainchaser New Member

    Good morning. Can another RR-L orphan join in this breakroom? I heard the breakroom was reopened over here so I figured I'd see if I could get a coffee and donut hand out. Heck at this point, I'd even settle for a licked donut if that is all that is left. Nice to see some familiar folks after being left behind and wondering aimlessly in the waste lands for a couple of weeks. Hope everyone has a fine day today.
    Carl Diedrich
  7. brakie

    brakie Active Member

    Good Morning Nelson,Good Morning all.

    Welcome Train Chaser! Glad to see you join us.

    Guys & Gals you have heard the old saying op till you drop? Well that is exactly what the NS was doing last night! I have no doubt that last night was one of the busiest this week!! Why or why can't they do that on my days off???

    Huh Nelson, do you need a coon dog to chase that there cap?

    Time for a cup and off to bed.

    Have a nice day all! :D
  8. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    Good morning all,

    Small juice and coffee will be fine. The prayers are appreciated. That guy(s) has got to go. He is messing up school schedules and all outdoor activities. :mad: :mad:

    On the lighter side- received 2 new Atlas GP-7's (N) yesterday and tried them out last night individually and then lashed together. Those machines are so quiet I had to look around the layout for a while to find them. Up to 14 cars on the grades and then realized that it was 11:30 pm.:eek: I never did get to the wiring. Guess I will have to do that this weekend.:) :) :)

    Have a good day
  9. Re: NEW POLL at RROnline

    Good morning, everyone.

    It's another chilly, rainy day here. Lots of snow and winter storm warnings just 2 hours north of here. YUK!

    I spent last evening working on my wagon and tractor repair shed. All of the windows are now glazed.

    I first saw this in the "Blue Note" thread, but I'll repeat my questions here because I must be totally out of the loop on this one.

    1. Which "Russ?"
    2. What group?
    3. Where?
  10. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    Sniper caught?

    Nelson and all,

    If you haven't seen it on the news, it sounds like law enforcement may have caught that break. Two men were seized last night at a rest area in Maryland and have been linked to all the shootings here as well as a couple in Alabama. They also have some connection with Tacoma, Washington - reportedly for "target practice" with a high powered rifle in a residential neighborhood. The reports are "cautiously optomistic" that these two will be charged with 6 counts of murder in MD today.

    Thanks to all for your thoughts, concerns and prayers. :)
  11. davidstrains

    davidstrains Active Member

    Hi Nelson,

    Just thought I would stop by for a cuppa tea before getting into the afternoon. Is that the black and white cap under the table in the corner? Looks like a sleeping cat.

    Might sample that leftover roll on the plate.
  12. Hummingbird

    Hummingbird Member

    Good Afternoon Nelson and all Ya'll,

    Still raining fire ants!! I'm allergic to them critters also! Ugh! wonder you're still sick...eating chicken SOAP??? :eek: Try some chicken SOUP...;)

    Hope everyone has a great day! Please keep David's Dad in your prayers...thanks in advance.

    Happy Railroading...pass it on!
    :p Debbie
  13. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    Good whatever it is!!
    Where's the coffee............... there , that's better.
    So, the police have some suspects in custody. I still wouldn't take any bets that they have the sniper yet. Let's see if balistics come up with a match. Above all else, lets get some legally obtained, hard evidence, sufficient to prove beyond any doubt that we have our killer, before we start the trial process.
    Did that thing, under the chair move!!!
    Guess I'd better get moving, or it will be tomorrow, and still nothing done.
    Have a good one.:D :D
  14. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Chicken Soap:eek: , well that is what it tasted like.:p

    Hey, Don have you found that mistake proof keyboard yet. I need one in a hurry!
  15. Tankertoad70

    Tankertoad70 Member

    Greetings all out there in Forum land. Anudder hot cuppa will be great, got a bit of a hangin' on headache for the past two weeks. Least wise, we know why: turns out I'm too 'stiff necked and proud.':rolleyes: ;)

    Hey Tom, still a lookin' for that blasted keyboard. :confused: This one here just ain't a turnin' the trick. This darn puppy jus' can't spell.:mad:

    Ah well, tis another beootiful day here in Orygun and I trust ya'll have a great Thoisday out there. :confused: :cool:
  16. Jack Doran

    Jack Doran New Member

    Good evening to you all. It is raining here in Galesburg an is suppose to till tomorrow. then we should be in the 50 for the weekend so i can cut my yard for the last time of the season. One less chore i have to worry about.:D
  17. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Greetings late on Thursday. Just got back from a 3 week trip down to see the mouse in Florida. Spent the last 2 nights listening to trains in RV camps. One south of Cincinatti doesn't tell you that it's located between the I75 and somebody's double track mainline. (Saw the trains but it was too dark to read the roadname -- probably NS). Other one was out of sight but not out of sound.
    Came back to messages that the club want me to demo at the Christmas Train show. Another building for the layout!
  18. Cowcatcher

    Cowcatcher Member

    Golly, started over here this AM and never did make it all the way.

    Talk about COLD!!!!!!! Official was 18 degrees when I got up and it had been colder.

    Congradulations on findimg that bad actor back in Maryland and VA. Sorry he came through my neck of the woods to get there.

    Hope you all had a great day!

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