Thunderbolt Fighter (Wing Commander III)

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by sfmodels, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. sfmodels

    sfmodels New Member

    Hi everyone,

    For the first kit, I've decided to show you an old (from 2004) Wing commander III terran Fighter I made, the Thunderbolt (not present on the forum).

    So here it is. Click on the pics for full size
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The kit is now in the download section.

    The Hellcat V and the Arrow will be release soon.

    I am working on the TCS Victory but it's bit long because the 3d model has to be restructured (I don't know if it's the good word)and I'm not expert in 3d modeling:p.
  2. jagolden

    jagolden Guest

    Thanks and nice job!

    I'v never played the game but have always liked this fighter.
    I think it caries the name "thunderbolt" perfectly - a little bulky, little ugly, but looks like it will kick your **s, just like the P-47 and the A-10.
  3. davitch

    davitch Member

    awesome! Would love to see the Victory in paper, keep us posted on your progress!
  4. sfmodels

    sfmodels New Member

    Thanks !!

    For the Victory, I think Thunderchild's models is more advanced. And I have lot other work in progress like resin kits figures or styrene kits.

    But I have just finished unfolding the new model of the Arrow Fighter and if it gives good results, I 'll release it.
  5. davitch

    davitch Member

    I did not even know the Victory was already done, do you have the file to share?
  6. sfmodels

    sfmodels New Member

  7. Hot4Darmat

    Hot4Darmat Member

    Nice models there SFmodels. Thanks for posting them! Merci beaucoup. I built that Arrow a few years ago. Its a very nice model, but the kids got at it. Ils l'ont detruit completement.

    It is no more.

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