Thunder Tiger 30...Need help

Discussion in 'RC Aircraft & Watercraft' started by fly_boy01, Aug 25, 2003.

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  1. fly_boy01

    fly_boy01 New Member

    Does Anyone have experience with the Thunder Tiger 30 helicopter engine? I can not get my engine to rev up above 35% power without it dying, no matter what I do with the needle valve. Any help will be Greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. heliman46

    heliman46 New Member

    Do you mean the Thunder Tiger 36? Helicopter Engine or 39? How many turns out is the needle now? Has this engine been broken in or is it new?
  3. ave20sacramento

    ave20sacramento New Member

    hey there i have a similar problem with my raptor
    it sound like you need to check this guide

    1.glow plug
    3.fuel line
    4.air leak

    -I started with a brand new o.s #8 glow plug and try to fire it up.
    -i double check my fuel if it was exposed to moisture.
    -i make sure that you are getting enough back pressure from the
    muffler (air that push the fuel to your carburator)some times it
    dose not give the right amount thats why it lean out and engine
    -i make sure there are no leak on the fuel line .
    -and most importan is your carburator set up
    ... I hope this one helped you
  4. fly_boy01

    fly_boy01 New Member

    Thanks for the info, I figured it out though. It was my clutch pad. It was worn out and sticking, causing too much friction on the engine. I think. It took me a half hour to clean off my clutch assembly and get a new pad in. Anyway, if anyone else has the problem, check the clutch pad.
  5. heliraptor

    heliraptor New Member

    Glad to see you figure it out. Have you tried other forums as well as here. Here are a couple more to try for the Raptor.

    NEW Forum April 2, 2004 all ready received almost 50,000 hits (Dedicated to the Raptor)

    Probably the oldest and the best (Has more than the Raptor)

    Another New Forum is

    There are many others out there I use the forums in the order listed. But I subsribe to them all and post to all when I have time. I encourage everyone to join the newer forums because we can contribute to their success and gain respect from newer members as they join. Its good to be one of the ones that everyone looks to for advise.
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