Thought I should introduce myself.

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Kevin G, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. Kevin G

    Kevin G Member

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.
    Im Kevin (bet you would have never guessed that from my screen name huh?). I live in Michigan with the wife and 2 kids so all I really need to make life complete is an obsession, oops i meant to say hobby.
    I am very new to card modeling, in fact I have yet to make my first model. I have built countless plastic kits and have a few R/C planes under my belt so im not new to puttin the pieces in the right place :D

    I came across this site while searching for paper models on the net and think I have found the right place to ask some questions.
    I have read many of the threads here and feel like I have a descent grasp on what I need to get started so all I really need is a suggestion for a good (free) model to start out with. I am not lookin for anything too elaborate but would like something that will look nice when completed.
    I have a love for aviation so aircraft models will probablly be my main area of building but would welcome any suggestions no matter what it is.
  2. dwgannon

    dwgannon Member

    Welcome abord. You have come to the right place. You will find a lot of people willing to give some very good advice and help. As for a really good free model. That is a had one. I first started out same as you over a year ago. My first model that I thought would beeasy was Ralph Currell's V2 rocket. Let me tell you it turned out good after the 5th try. I would not start with this one. But I would suggest that you check out fiddlers Green at They have some easy free models there. But then I would expect that you will take off and be doing the more complicated ones in no time. Again weclome abord.
  3. Ashrunner

    Ashrunner Member

    Welcome Kevin

    Aircraft are the favorite of a lot of folks around here, even though the shipping lanes seems to be the most talked about...hehehe. There are a number of good aircraft models available for free download.

    Our own NOBI has released several freebies at his site -- -- which are very nice models and simple to build.

    You can also find some freely downloadable models at . The kits there aren't detailed, and are small scales, but very nice models.

    In any case, join the fun, have fun!

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

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