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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by cdavenport, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. exzealot

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    I saw these pictures on the Internet some time ago. Really cool!
  2. Stev0

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    I think the absence of all religion in the world would more than likely erase all conflict in the world. All that would be left to fight over is wealth and no one would fight for someone to put money in another's pockets.
  3. bfam4t6

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    Yeeeeaaah....Ever read the book 1984? SOMEBODY out of the 6 billion people would end up wanting more power than the rest (ever watched a large group kids play?...there is generally "one kid" who takes more "blocks" than the rest...what do the others do?...they fight to get the "blocks" back or they run and tell mommy that "one kid" wont share.) and soon a religious-like following would ensue or perhaps a religious like control would be developed and history would repeat itself.

    I'm against war just as much as anybody. I would never readily grab a rifle to go shoot another country. BUT, step back from from the Muslims vs. Americans issue and look at past wars. If I had been a Jew being overpowered by the Nazis, I would have surely supported a war against Germany. The resolution to that conflict is still causing mayhem today in Israel and Palestine.

    Now I wont pretend to know more than I do, so I'll just suffice to say that Muslim terrorists must be fighting for are we Americans. Whether that something is right or wrong doesn't really matter. Humans generally have the mindset that his or her own outlook is the best. And by that I'm trying to point out that it will be very very difficult to convince a bunch of people who have never lived in a free country that freedom is the best, just as almost no American could be convinced that living under a dictatorship would be better than living in our current free country.

    It goes both ways. Wars are going to happen. Let the people who enjoy politics worry about the strategical crap. I'll simply continue to support the protection of my way of life while billions of people throughout the world will surely do the same. Wars happen and unfortunately all one can really do is choose to be either offensive or defensive.

    And in regards to anti-Muslim/anti-American sentiments...I don't really care if your a green 6 legged woman who worships the moon...just don't threaten my way of life and I wont have a reason to return the favor.
  4. Stev0

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    ummm ... do some reading and you will see a great many conflicts are because of religion. I can guarantee that if you pick one conflict it will be because of some religious bs in the background. I'm supposed to be Catholic and to me Catholicism is the worst offender.

    If a group is so secluded to rely on religion as their only means of education then essentially they are brainwashed or indoctrinated into doing or upholding any twisted version or perversion of that religion.

    As for your 1984 comment. That's saying we take away religion. I'm saying we let go of it. There is a difference.

    Your comment directing to the book 1984 shows that your unable to grasp the concept and can only think of forcing someone to do something. My point is rather letting go of something. Let people make their own choices but do not let fantasy rule their decisions because fantasies can only be rudely interrupted by the fantasies of others or truth. When truth meets truth then nothing else remains.
  5. dhanners

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    I'm not sure religion, per se, is the problem. The intolerance of others' religion and belief systems is more the issue.
  6. dansls1

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    Exactly. And the sad thing is that most religions are 'supposed' to have tolerance of others built in.
  7. bfam4t6

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    I guess I should have stated that I consider the lack of religion to be a religion. As far as I'm concerned to believe in nothing is still believing in "something". I'm also thinking of religion in the broad sense of something that could unite a group of people. Take away god/gods and all of that stuff. You don't have to be Christian, Islamic, or Jewish to be religious.

    I could have used other references, but 1984, I assumed, would be the most well known. In 1984 a complete control was assumed by "big brother". People were fed a new belief system...they believed in big brother and in a restricted language and way of life. They were honestly afraid of what big brother would do to them if they disobeyed his rules. To me, that's pretty much what a religion is. Someone or something creates new "guidelines" by which people of the religion are to live their lives. Now most religions are not put into place to control people for the gain of power by one, but I think that such a feat could be easily achieved. Stalin for instance?...Communism? The belief in what's best for "the good of all". Can "the good of all" be held in your hand?...To me that's extremely similar to worshiping a "god" that cannot be held in your hand.

    Call it religion. Call it government. They both pretty much do that same thing if you take the time to think about it. I think people and the media place a huge emphasis on the religious issues in the war to create a more emotional story. But stated more simply, the wars are about power and being able to control ones way of life...whether that life includes a said religion or not. Again, some will want more power than others...power doesn't always have to be as extreme as a could be the power to run a democracy. Wars are just groups of people fighting to protect their ways of life, and I truly believe that a single way of life that would rule the 6+ billion people in this world happily is a pure fantasy. Thus, wars are going to happen.

    Now please don't misunderstand my point of view. Personally I do believe in a divine being. I think that something had to have created this vast universe that we live in. But, I also recognize that RELIGIONS are a HUMAN urge, and humans can act for good just as they can act for bad.
  8. bfam4t6

    bfam4t6 Member

    And unfortunately tolerance is an ideal, and how many ideal humans do you know?
  9. Zathros

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    The people who "say" there "have religion" are usually on the fringes where they cause most problems in society, they just can't fit it. The people in the center of their beliefs can talk and relate the reality of existence without wanting to kill each other. Every religious belief in this world has been hijacked at some point or another by some power hungry *******s who want power. These people ultimately don't believe in anything but pleasing themselves. Religion belongs to man. A person who says he is Catholic and the "Catholics" are the worst offenders speaks of the acts of men, not the teachings of church. It is humans who fail. This stuff is so obvious that I really believe in you can't model it in paper then it just shouldn't be here.
  10. Coot59

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    Helocopter Model?
  11. Stev0

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    Zathros... As a Catholic. Being called a sinner because I failed to uphold 10 little laws is not what I call a type of following I want to be in. I then also point to the little things that were done in gods name since the religion began.

    Anyone who says that Islam is a violent religion and deserves the intolerance it receives should really take a closer look at Catholicism and the heinous acts that were committed in it's name. From crusades to ill-worded and unthinking speeches from from a pope.

    Then let us look at the Palaces, Vaults and Coffers of the Vatican. It would be interesting to see the wealth that lies there while the poor of the world starve.

    To say that everything you have has been given to you by god is a nice thought but who really put the food on your plate? The clothes on your back? The roof over your head? Who guides your way from place to place? You do.

    To sit on your duff and believe that some mysterious power will come through for you is both antiquated and to a degree "lazy". Only you have the power to control your life and you have the ability to make decisions to choose how to live it. To believe in an unseen power is nice and none of my business but to put that over the belief in yourself is a crime.
  12. Elliott

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    Coot, you're right. This thread has gotten way off-track like, hijacked. There are plenty of other forums out in internetland where you can discuss sex, politics and religion to your hearts content; this isn't one of them. Let's bring it back on track guys. :) Thanks!

  13. dhanners

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    I agree wholeheartedly. I do want to stress, though, that my original post was not meant to hijack the thread, but rather to correct an egregious misperception involving Islam. And, as I said early on, now back to modeling....
  14. Longshaor

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    You got a picture of that, Knife?

    I've been thinking of doing a model of Comfort or Mercy, and that would make a great dio! It's also a shame my wife wasn't aboard at the time (she's an ex-USAF medic) she would have been happy to oblige you!:thumb:
  15. Stev0

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    I'm more of a Nose Pin-Up art person. I'd like to see someone do a build with a great pinup tastefully done and sets off a great model.
  16. bfam4t6

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    On the nose of a B-17 would make it even better ;)
  17. Coot59

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    Check out fiddler greens B24 noise, for the Strawberrt Bit.
  18. SgtSki in MI

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    As a former USMC Helo guy (CH-46E) It's great to see that the rotorheads that came after me are continuing our sleazy traditions. An EA-6B squadron in the Corps once had the Playboy Bunny on their tail (VMAQ-2) but the PC Fun Police made them take it off. Right about that time, Marine helos went from solid green to a green/black/gray camo scheme. We incorporated the Playboy Bunny into our camo in VMAQ-2's honor (even though they were fixed-wing pukes we had to show solidarity!) I have pics of it at home but I'm in Iraq at the moment...otherwise I'd scan them for this thread.


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