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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by lyter1958, Aug 12, 2016.

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    Love it. Another person showing that it is indeed possible to make hoses and pipes from paper that look realistic, even in small scale. Milan Paulus does it as well and people don't believe their eyes.
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    Live at home for a couple of years, and have your parents fund your Sabbatical, you will be able to do this too. This pic pops up every 6 months or so, read the back story, and all of a sudden, it doesn't seem so impressive.

    Maybe it's me, oh, I have yet to see a picture of it completed, and the first time I saw this was around 4 years ago?
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    I have to agree to zathros here, have seen this years ago. The skill and the build itself are insane and impressive, but knowing he lived off someone else pocket for years (!) gives it some bitter taste.

    Read this:

    Basically same story, he got famous for his models, but: He was studying to become an engineer. Not sitting at home having a sabbatical. You can build impressive things and still move on in life.

    (I have to admit, I can't stand people living off other peoples pockets or having this "Let's see who buys my lunch tomorrow"-mentality)
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    i didn't know all that stuff.
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    There is much talent no doubt. Just that the balloon doesn't seem so attractive when you know it's filled wi a fart. Also, really, for the time invested, it should bea bit better. Just look at the models our members design and put out in a matter of weeks. The sum of all those models would equal some of much higher quality. A big model is a bunch of little ones, an this one, is impressive, but there's that "Look what I did" factor, then you find out the time and effort where done over a couple of years at Mom and Pop's, footing the build, and like I said, I still have never seen a picture of it finished, I also wonder why it isn't painted?

    I think models like this ultimately turn people off to this hobby because they believe the price is too high to pay, especially with the publicity this model got. I probably got 100 emails about this model over the years, as everyone I know knows I like these things. I don't think the back story usually maters, but this is, as "nero_on_fire" so succinctly, it has a bitter taste.

    The other guy "nero" mentioned, (Paul Bischof), getting famous off his models while studying to be an engineer is excellent, inspirational, and actually teaches something!! :)

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