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  1. ty923

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    I need a little help i was thinking can i put a t maxx 3.3 transmission in my "E maxx" Wide Maxx series truck. would it bolt right in and with the optidrive module so that i can use reverse. if so will it work with the shifting and everthing because it would nolonger be manual shift it would shift by its self any help would be nice thanks.
  2. ty923

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    still looking for a little info on this.
  3. Junkyard

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    I don't know a whole lot about the electric, I'm a nitro guy, but I do know that tranny shifts by a centrifucal pawl. The engine RPMs have to be pretty high for it to shift. I always assumed this is the reason they but manual shift trannys in the electrics.
  4. shelbys_dad

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    Not a wise decision,
    1. The tranny's are not geared the same.
    2. You will never get it to shift unless you are running on street with an ungodly high gearing on more cells than the truck has room for.
    3. If you try #2, be aware you will blow your ESC along with destroying center shafts ever time you run it.

    Just my experience with being in the hobby for 25 years, I've seen people try some unique things and 8 chances out of 10, they don't work and those that do didn't last a charged pack.:thumb:
  5. rexvirtue

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    did you try it yet?

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