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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by babydot94513, Nov 27, 2002.

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    I am throwing this out to the list just as an FYI.

    In the event you want to stop by or use this golden opportunity to get a new modeler "into" the hobby, this week-end at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento, Ca., the modular railroad club I belong too will have its layout on public display.

    This is also in conjunction with a few other model railroad clubs that are going all out to let the public know about this fascinating hobby.

    It is a blessing that the State of California recognizes not only the heritage of railroading and its contributution to westward expansion but also the significance of model railroading and what enjoyment the hobby can provide to the younger generation of future modelers.

    If any of you come, please stop by the Sacramento Modular Railroad AKA: Sacramento Central. You cannot miss our "red" vests and hats!!!

    If you dare ask for, Jeff Davis I am sure at least one member will point me out. The others...?
  2. Clerk

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    Hi Jeff
    I live in Esparto, about 14 miles west of Woodland on hiway 16. I would love to be there but alas, I have to work and have plans with the wife for Sunday:( :(

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