This stupid model is cursed!!!!

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    ARMORMAN Guest

    OK, there's good in this...I'm working on the Talon...supposedly, but for the last 4 months my freelance side work has been going gangbusters and my bread and butter gig is always busy (by day...a mild mannered night...ART MAN!). So last week I figure "I can work on designs Easter...nothing going on" riiight...I get the flu on my back 4 days. So now I'm all better, finished the janitorial gig have some freelance to work on that I should be able to wrap up tonight...took tomorrow off...3 days of uninterrupted paper modeling and designing...ahh the neighbor came over to talk some business with me....we're standing out on my deck....CRACK!!! the entire deck collapses with us along for the ride.

    Guess what I'm doing this weekend?
  2. Janx

    Janx Member

    I hope you recover soon and life calms down to a steady pace.
  3. bf109

    bf109 Member

    eehhhh remodeling and designing ........ your deck

    so tech.. looking on the positive side your still doing a lot of your hobby :mrgreen:

    remember it's all comedy :thumb:
  4. zakopious

    zakopious Member

    Nobody said that life was fair.

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I know life isn't fair...It's all supposed to go my way...;)
  6. redwolf28386

    redwolf28386 Member

    I know how you feel far I've spent my Easter vacation putting new roofs on two of my barns!...Lots of splinters:cry:..but no paper cuts...

    ARMORMAN Guest

    Heh. 2 weeks ago I dropped $1600.00 on a new rubber roof for my tin
  8. Bowdenja

    Bowdenja Active Member

    Hey........ first design your deck........ do it in paper first....... then graduate to the un-refined stuff :thumb:

    Screws.......... use lots and lots of screws.

    Glad you guys weren't hurt on the deck ride. :thumb:

    Oh....... and just think, after you finish the deck it will probably be time to cut the grass......... paint the house........ fix the leakin faucet.......ummm......I'll shut up know before I jinks myself:eek:

  9. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    wow a 1/1 scale deck! thatll take a lotta paper!;-)
  10. MilesLinnabery

    MilesLinnabery Miles Linnabery

    Paper Deck

    Dear A Man:
    You going to do a 1:12 scale Deck in card stock? Some of us would be willing to do the beta buildsign1
    Hope the real one came out OK,


    I ended up taking one from an empty lot behind my house (3 years empty). The landlord came over and said I was stealing from him (it's still on his land, it's being used, and not being destroyed by the local trolls with their hatchet - seriously) and that he was going to file articles of eviction on me.

    I responded: "I'm not behind on my rent (one of the few here), I just dropped $1600 on a new roof and you're going to evict me for this?" At which point he relented and let me keep the deck (I had offered to move it back, but it would have taken a few days).

    Had he pressed the issue, It would have taken 6 months to evict me during which time I would have been saving my rent for a new place and he would have gotten nothing.
  12. Rashura

    Rashura New Member

    Life wouldnt be fun without those problems ;D
  13. Fl0ydski

    Fl0ydski Member

    It seems the one thing you can count in life is uncertainty. And I certainly hope you are on the upswing! Keeping the optimism and positive is trying at the best of times for me. I applaud your efforts and being, as Bruce Lee would say, "like water" and bending with the ebb and flow of life.

    Cheers mate,


    Life is what happens when you plan things....still fighting the fight, just am not making the progress I desired. I did do some art designs for the interior of the landing bays....

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