Thinking About MRC Prodigy Advanced, anyone Have An Opinion

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by planeshavings42, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. Hello all, I am considering replaceing my MRC Command 2000 DCC system with anMRC Prodigy Advanced, any comment's from anyone having experience with the system? Anything pro or con would be appreciated. :)
  2. UP SD40-2

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    planeshavings42:wave:, I am NOT going to tell you to buy the Prodigy Advance system, but i WILL tell you i have that system, and for ME, i LIKE IT!!:thumb::D i am REAL BIG on sound, and Prodigy Advance has 19 different buttons you can program different sound and lighting effects into:thumb:. the NEW Prodigy Advance 2 gives you the capabilities of 28 DIFFERENT lighting and sound options!:eek:.

    its EASY to operate, EASY to program, and does EVERYTHING i want to do with the layout:thumb:. i am able to program engines AND CV's on the fly!:thumb: boosters and wireless handhelds ARE NOW available for this system, if you want them;). i have run 5 sound equipped engines at the same time with NO BOOSTERS:thumb:, might be able to run more, just haven't triedtooth1. i have NO COMPLAINTS WITH THIS SYSTEM!:thumb:

    HOWEVER, if you plan on doing computer interface, this IS NOT the system for you;). and i use hand throw switches, not sure if this system will run electric switches:oops:.

    those are MY THOUGHTS on the Prodigy Advance system;), i hope "others" will respond to this thread with there thoughts:thumb:.
  3. Hello Engine Nut

    Hello, and Thank You for your very informative answers, you covered the entire gammit of questions I could have thought of. I am going to go ahead and order the system now. Thank's Again, and happy railroadin!! :)
  4. MRC Running Turnouts

    Hello, I did some checking, and MRC Advanced will operate turnouts, I have mine on order, and should have it by Friday. Thank's Again For your input.....
  5. UP SD40-2

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    THANKS!, for letting me know about the turnouts:thumb:. as i mentioned, i use hand throws, so i wasn't sure. i hope your as happy with your Prodigy Advance, as i am with mine;). :D -Deano
  6. Received My MRC Prodigy

    Hello Deano, I received my Prodigy Advanced system, and I couldn't be more pleased, it worked flawlessy right out of the box, however, I thought the instructions could of been a little more thourough, they could have written it a little more for the beginner, than the knowledegable. For instance I still haven't figured out how to change Loco addresses, and I have read the instructions several times. Probably the fog is getting a little heavier in the old brain. :D I will figure it all out in time, I'm sure. As far as the device itself, I'm thouroughly impressed with the total design, the LCD etc. Again, I thank you for your feedback. Enjoy.

    Duane Hampton :thumb:
  7. Thoroughbreed

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    I too thought the instructions were a lil misleading, but I have a 14 page word document from MRC "Tips and Tricks" that explained alot more thoroughly. If you want it, just pm me your email addy and I'll hook you up.:thumb:
    As for programming addresses, do the following: make sure the one you want to program is the only one on the track 1st, until you get all of your engines programmed, from the main (cant program addys from program track), hit program twice it says "prog main", hit enter, it says "loco 0003", hit "enter", it will pop up with " ---- adr", this is where you input the new address, put in your new address and hit enter. It will ask for sv (start voltage), if you want to change it go ahead, and then it will ask for "acc" (accelerate), and then dec (declerate), tv (top voltage), and lastly for "cv#". You can skip all the other settings and just use the default factory settings after you've changed the address.:thumb:
    Most decoders and engines purchased with them have the address of 3. The good thing about the prodigy system is it does the extended programming for you. So if you input a 4 digit address, the system will configure the cv's for you. Once you have changed the address of your 1st engine, you can leave it on the tracks for your next one to program, as it no longer has the address of 03.:thumb:
    As for the turnouts, you can program a complete route, with multiple switch changes.:thumb:
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    Duane:wave:,GLAD YOU GOT IT AND ARE HAPPY WITH IT!!!:thumb: :D :thumb: :D Thoroughbreed gave GOOD advice:thumb:, follow that, and you'll have NO problems:thumb:. (THANKS Thoroughbreed!:D)

    Thoroughbreed:wave:, hey, i would LOVE to have that MRC word document;):D. would you please click on my profile, and send it to me:D. THANKS!:D -Deano
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    Sent pm with my email addy:thumb:
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    THANKS THOROUGHBREED!!!:D :D :D I'll do the same:thumb:. check your PM:D. :D -Deano
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    gotta love this place;), theres some REAL NICE FOLKS HERE!:thumb:

    :D -Deano

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