Think Jays Galactica is lonely, need some help

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by jwhawk04, Aug 16, 2007.

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    Sj it had about a 10 second life in the movie Razor. it was docked near the Pegasus. you had to be quick to see it before her demise.
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  3. Nothing

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    actually looking at the screen grabs the berzerk is incredibly small.way smaller even than the valkyre
  4. Paragon

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    You can see more of it in the extended DVD of Razor, in the shipyard when Shaw is arriving. I would offer to get some more screencaps, but I don't think you really need them now, do you?

    I'm also not sure about scale in those shots...the Galactica type Battlestar looked much larger than Pegasus. I suppose its possible they could have built some Battlestars larger than they did Galactica during the war, but it doesn't make much sense.

    I'd agree that the Berzerk is about the size of the Valkyrie though, based on comparison with Pegasus.
  5. theo

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    It looks that there are two Berzerk type ships.
    One direct beside the Pegasus.
    And one on the other side towards the Valkyrie types.
    Thats the one you put the arrows to.
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    im gonna have to rewatch it.
  7. theo

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    Guys, question.

    At Resinilluminati "Blabby"is willing to make a (pastic)model of the Space Park a.k.a. Ringship.

    CJTK1701 as posed nice pics of it on page 42 of this thread.
    I guess I missed something or is he making a joke, under his name stands "Banned".

    I gave him the pics who CJTK1701 posted, and Blabby asked:
    Does anybody have bigger ones??


    By the way Nothing,
    Looks familiar doesn't it?

    Blabby the guy who is asking for the Ring Ship.
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    wow nice!!if you dont mind my asking how much will this cost? one reason i never got past the viper mk2 and raider, i just couldnt shell out what they were asking for these kits. also a main reason i turnned to paper.
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    CJTK has been banned.

    Out of respect for all parties involved, we do not publicly discuss the reasons or situations involved in a member's banning. If you have further questions, please contact cgutzmer.
  10. Master-Bruce

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    Nice looking kit. Not overly detailed yet it captures the vessels look well. Not too cheap I bet. ;)
  11. sjsquirrel

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    In all seriousness, You guys are soooo dedicated! Modeling ships I don't even remember seeing in the show! It is a very cool ship though. Those pictures Theo posted make me want to run out and buy that kit.

    I look forward to seeing your kit too nothing. Maybe I'll do a test build for you. Now that I've handed the Galactica off to skupilkinson, and forced my self to get a few other (non-papercraft) anchors off my mind, I finally have some energy to give to models again. This past weekend I managed to finish that Spitfire of Nobi's that I started last July or August, and I started the 1/480 scale Saturn rocket and Launch Tower from jleslie's site. I even got some work done on the Gemini Transport mesh.

    It's good to be home again :mrgreen:

  12. Nothing

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    its good to have you back sj. i was starting to get worried!
  13. Nice Nothing! Whats the latest on the viper and stuff I really want to add to my fleet.
    And Yes I know people have lives:mrgreen:. So quit teasing and start pleasing:mrgreen:.

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    i beleive sj is waiting on the vipers as there are some out there. im not sure what other "stuff" you are referring to.
  15. sjsquirrel

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    Vipers etc.

    I'm presently re-working the Gemini Transport mesh so it can be unfolded. Here's the priority list we devised a while back (see page 42 of this thread)

    1. Gemini Transport
    2. Refinery Ship
    3. Agro ship
    4. Finish my 57' Belvedere project and Seaview submarine.
    6. Large scale Viper with lot's of detail (this will be a separate thread, and you will all have to help me find the materials). I will start with the Viper from the BSG ship pack, clean it up and get it converted to a model as per our usual process, then scale it up to a size agreed on by the majority.
    7. Pegasus

    I also have some Star trek meshes that I promised Skupilkinson and CJTK that I'd clean up for them. I'll get those in there somehow too (@ Skip and CJ - I haven't forgotten you guys :thumb: )

  16. Master-Bruce

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    Don't sweat it buddy. We're all busy eh? :) I don't mind the wait.
  17. Nothing

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    hey guys, i have a sorta dilema. should I leave the gun turrets in the texture, or should I figure a way to do them in 3d?

  18. sherban

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    Would it be useful to do a three layers card turret, the way that Jem Hadar Attack ship was made?
  19. theo

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    Whaw, that looks beautiful.
    Guns in 3d please.
  20. wedge

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    definitely In 3D - please , please , please :inw:

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