Thieves Among Us (Please Read)

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by exzealot, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. Good

    Good A different person

    I'm flattered..

    ....of all the attention.

    People are analysing very deeply what I have written...good.

    N810: I happy that Chris have stepped down as moderator...I was not
    aware of that sorry. Perhaps he should step down another step...

    StevO: You are a very angry person aren't you. I have to say it again...I have not downloaded anything...but I can actually have a differnt view
    of things. And all this of "not knowing what real work is"...I'm sorry...but
    I have worked 5-6 days a week for the last 35 I know.

    And yes...I still have a problem with the peddelers have so much impact on what's happening here in this forum...of course they should be able to communicate news and such...but that would be it...not running flameming crusades with this forum as their breeche.

    And of course in the end...I'm not using the english in the right way...perhaps it's because it's not my native language. And perhaps the view is that "this bloddy foregnier" should stay away and stop having different views.

    Nothing: I have been around for a very long time and contributed a lot. I have also some 300 card models in my bookshelf...bought and paid for. I guess that is a bit of contribution to the hobby. I have actually built a few...

    sneaker: I do not have to prove a thing...I'm expressing my views and oppinions. The downloading of other material is of course a valid point
    as it shows that moral is not as high as perhaps some people would like to think.

    I actually find this debate refreshing...and I'm still not banned...very good.

    I can only say that in this forum you can find some small good bits now and then but for really good builds and balanced views I have to turn to the German forums or the other english speaking one.

    I still love you,

  2. CCrider

    CCrider New Member

  3. Good

    Good A different person

    Wow... of warcraft...or???
  4. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Angry? Yes.

    Your defending thieves so I place you in their lot.

    There is no 'debate' in the theft of property that people did not pay for. It's thievery on a digital level.

    You have not addressed ANY of my points whatsoever.

    Your lot have compared the theft of card models with the RIAA and the MPAA's so called battle against downloads. Not a good comparison as from my knowledge of such battles, the RIAA and MPAA claims to represent the artists but their money trail represents the upper management and not the artist who gets a small percentage of the total sales. The people that are being ripped off here are the actual people who design these works. Do you think they would NOT be angry to have their work stolen and distributed???? So don't compare a large company with a small business.

    These 'peddlers' are here to understand what we the consumer's want from the industry. Kind of the OPPOSITE of what the big 3 North American car manufactures are doing that THINK they know what consumers want.
  5. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Wow is right my man.

    Imagine hundreds of people walking into your mom & pop hobby store and fill their pockets with merchandise and then walking our without paying a single cent.

    Their whole idea is... why pay for anything when they can get it for free?

    I am guessing they stole all their computer equipment as well. That doesn't come free.
  6. Good

    Good A different person

    That would place...

    ...any lawer in jail...taken the side of the accused...baaahhhh

    Well...I have said what I want to say in this matter...I do not want
    to continue an neverending debate with the likes of ( Mod edited for content). You have your view...very might even be th correct view...but it's so narrowminded so that I would
    like to scream.

    You are real fanatical so that you can't stop going on.

    And sharing is also very unselfish...and a sign of love...perhaps you should
    go that way down...

    By the way...I found this on the sites we are's so true...
    ...I could not have said better myself...

    First of all I think I have to say that what we are doing here is of course against copyright laws...there is now
    way around that. Any ranting for the opposit is not helping.

    Then when it comes to zealot...I guess this some kind of papermodelers "moral majority" branch. It's mainly
    American and by that grossly false as most of the American society is buillt on double moral. I know...I have lived
    there...and as a foreigner you see things much clearer. You say one thing and do something else...and always...always you "make your prayers" and "thank the lord".

    I'm now expert in international law but I guess that the zealots have broken laws when doing what the have done
    but they probably "have the lord on thier side" and "will send troops if we are not behaving".

    Pls. let the models coming and we will see what we can do...not only zealots have ideas...I'll talk to some people that
    know some people and let's see what's happening...

    Have a good weekend and safe cutting,

  7. Good

    Good A different person

    I got edited.. n810!!!

    I put in a couple of names...

    If you visit you'll find both
    nothings and n810't internet a can find things... can do things...
  8. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    yes lets turn this to an anti American rally now. and sharing without the consent of the designer is not "sharing" in love or whatever crap your spewing. its STEALING!! i find it mildly amusing that idiots think when America is attacked, America should just ignore it. but if another country is attacked everyone wants America to deal with it.

    you can take your anti American spam and shove it up your ass!!
  9. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    was that a threat? what has my site got to do with it?
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