Thieves Among Us (Please Read)

Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by exzealot, Jan 16, 2009.

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  1. DHL

    DHL Member

    who are those thieves! I'm gonna :curse:train97them
  2. angevine

    angevine Member

    Sometime ago I was heavily into midi music and one of the companies I purchased from encoded each download with a unique key. If they music file then appeared on the net as a free download then the unique key would be tracked back to the original purchaser to explain their actions. Can this be implimented in a pdf file?
  3. jagolden

    jagolden Guest

    I don't think there's enough of "us" to create such a flood. Even though this site is on soil that generally does not adhere to copyright laws (it seems), flooding its system may still be considered illegal action on our part - ironic huh?

    Also, the less people that know the web address, the less likely it will fall into wrong hands. It's a small deterent but...

    Getting in touch with them directly is wasting your breath, typing and time. I've read post on the site where people have made comments and stands about the model "sharing". The attitude is almost universally "stuff it, we're right, you're wrong". Can't change that thinking.

    And oh, yes, the model is well worth the $9.00!
  4. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    I only had the time to skim this thread after catching the title from the front page. Sorry it happened to you kenlwest! Kind of ironic really, the very media that makes our hobby so portable, is its own worst enemy :( I say hunt em down and Kiiilll theeeemmmmm....
  5. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    I would say the model is worth $9 .... then again ... most of these models are worth the $ we pay for them, it's rare to pay money for a model that is worthless. It only takes one builder to build a poor model to express to all that it was a waste of their time.
  6. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member


    Sorry to hear your model got jacked :( I spent several months developing the Roland C.II and Janx spent a bit of time doing the coloring for it. I considered selling it but put it up for download here and over at Kartonbau. I didn't know how many would've bought it being a hand done design. Within a week I recieved a PM that someone had it up on a download site. I wasn't mad since I decided to give it away, but if it had been for sale I would've been steamed. Though it was a free kit it was still disturbing at how fast it was slapped up for download elsewhere :(

    Also I love your X-15 ;) I plan on getting it when I can build again (got 2 broken fingers on the mend :p ).

  7. Is this one of those Russian Sites?
  8. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    Not sure, I was given a direct link to a rapidshare file not the site of which linked to the file.
  9. Stev0

    Stev0 Active Member

    Rapidshare is filled with illegal software/movies/whatever... how the hell can it remain online without being sued into closure????

    Thats what I would like to know.
  10. The Hermit

    The Hermit Member

    i agree lock down the pdf to print with a individual password to the paying customer then if its given out you know who did
  11. OK I bought it. I am waiting for the authorization to download it.
  12. shoki2000

    shoki2000 Active Member

    Since GreMir was already mentioned twice it's time to join the discussion.

    What I do at GreMir Models is dictated by two things:
    1 - I hate pirates. My first model was offered as an PDF and guess what - within two weeks you could find it on those swap sites...
    Many a times I helped others verify scans on several websites. Many emails were sent to several publishers - pirate website will go down for a few days and then reappear in different location.
    2 - The deal I have with designers and publishers in Poland is that no model from GreMir will be available in electronic format without the protection given by my software.

    Because of this I decided to take drastic steps and make life of a pirate eager to steal from the designers I represent as difficult as possible.

    All this discussion in previous posts does not mention (or I missed it) one issue - what good is it to know who stole the model if the model is still stolen and offered to everybody who wants to download it?
    You might say that the pirate will not be allowed to buy another? Do you believe this will stop them? How difficult it is to open another email account with some bogus name? Even on PayPal you can do that if you do not verify and/or confirm your address.
    With DataViewer nobody can transfer model to another computer by simply giving it away together with the password since the registration for a new PC will not work.
    Do I loose some sales? Yes.
    Is it time consumig? Not really once you are set up.

    Whoever is reluctant to purchase from me because of the system - ask around how I treat my customers, even those who are dissatisfied.
    And no, DataViewer does not give me ANY handle on your computer - the only communication software will send from anybodys computer to me will be the registration message and you actually have to click SEND before it will go out.
    This is not a sales pitch - if you like models on my page and you agree with the way I offer them I will be happy to sell them to you. If you don't - most of those models are available in printed format through most of the online dealers.

    Of course every model can be printed, scanned and offered by pirates this way. Fortunatelly as it was mentioned, most of them are lazy to go to the trouble of fixing the scan for dimensions, correcting colors and so on.

    I guess that was the longest post I have ever written. Sorry for the rambling............
  13. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member

    I've bought several Gremir models and I must say the viewer is a clever way to protect the models and is no hassle at all to use :D They are also fantastic models that are IMO worth way more than they sell for so the x-tra security is ok with me.

    I can also vouch for Michael's customer service. When my hardrive crashed a few years ago I asked for another download link. Instead of that he sent me a disk at his own expense.

    I'll be buying more from Gremir in the future.............. grumbles..........damn broken fingers!

  14. smyfe

    smyfe Member

    I have to agree with Getter1, I have bought 8 models from Gremir so far and the service is outstanding, when my hard drive crashed Michael helped me to recover my models, even one theat I had forgotten that I had bought. Michaels software hasn't caused any problems for me, and has the added advantage of allowing you to scale your models easily.
  15. Bengt F

    Bengt F Active Member

    Model Thieves

    This is a sad story, Ken,

    I was utterly disgusted and dismayed to read this. As others have pointed out, the small price that I and other keen modelers have paid for your fantastic X-15 model is only a very small reward to you for all your long hours of dedicated design work. Terrible.
    People who do this kind of stuff have no respect for that and should be treated accordingly.

    I hope that this can be stopped at the root as soon as possible and that the culprits will get to know what kind of violation they are responsible for, if no less, as a warning to others. To pursue the matter legally is a matter that is entirely up to you but I am behind you all the way.

    Keep up the good work, Ken - in spite of all this.

    All the best from Stockholm,
    Bengt :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  16. Getter1

    Getter1 Active Member


    Seems to me you're a bit defensive here. I was simply backing up Gremir, not making any attack at you or you opinion. I don't necessarily blame you for not wanting to have to install new software just to use a new file. You never know these days what you're putting into your PC. Once I installed an anti-Spybot program that tyurned out to be a Spybot!!! I was merly trying to say Gremir's program is safe and easy to use ;)

    I don't apologize for anything I said but I do apologize if you misunderstood what I said and took offence as none was intended :)

  17. Art Decko

    Art Decko Member

    (never mind!:))
  18. Gomidefilho

    Gomidefilho Member

    In my country there is a very strong culture for pirate models. We are the few who advocate the respect for copyright and designers. In Brazil the fights against the fueling piracy is inglory, I'm the moderator in only brazilian paper model forum, the Paper Modeling World and being the new forum we have people sharing the way to a blog with pirate models.

    I think there is nothing more to say in relation to aspects of the problem and think that good solutions have been presented here, sympathize with the method of the Gremir Models. I got Heinkel 70 and P-40 and bought when my PC's motherboard burned Just ask a new key to make the models. Very fast and simple.

    However I believe that only with education we will change this culture. In Brazil I'm minister a voluntary workshop for children 8 to 12 years in a public school involving free paper models, the first lesson is learning how to develop a model and respect the work for others.

    Ken, deeply regret this incident, do not buy the X-15 but I think a beautiful model, I hope in future to purchase the F-84G and Thunderflash ...

  19. cdavenport

    cdavenport Member

    I am happy to say I purchase the X-15 from Ecardmodels.

    About the only way to impede (not stop) pirating is to use a system like Gremir Models. But, still, anyone can scan the resultant print and post that on a pirate site.

    For as long as there has been quality merchandise, there has been someone who will pirate it. It's inevitable.

    Please don't let that stop you.
  20. Art Decko

    Art Decko Member

    n810, thanks for that information!

    I had second thoughts about my post. I thought I successfully took it down before anyone could respond. You must have started your reply before I deleted it. :oops:

    Anyway, is it really true that the majority of pirate traffic involves downloaders in the US-?? If so, I'm surprised and dismayed. In that case, my idea makes even less sense. :-\
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