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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by movieman, May 6, 2011.

  1. movieman

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    Hi all,

    Yup it's me again with some new unfolds.... this time from the world of AvP. As you can see in the photos I have done a life sized (40" long) Alien head for any costume makers out there. The download link is below.:thumb: I have made a start on the rib cage area next. I have not unfolded any teeth as these are better made in another material, I have added a couple of mouth muscels, but these are only a support and guidence on the mouth, best cut out after building and making rubber ones. I recommend fibreglassing the inside and on the out side you smooth on coloured bath silicone (about 3 or 4 layers, allow each layer the dry first) for high lights mix silicone and paint together and the add paint thinner to create a wash coat. Use artist oil paints to mix with clear bath silicone sealant.

    Hope you like it.

    Download link:

  2. atomgas

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    Very cool!!!!
  3. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    Nice. Good to see new models and watching modelers expand their horizons.:thumb:
  4. ekuth

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    You just keep cranking them out, Movieman... :thumb:
  5. etopsirhc

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    at first glance of the title i thought this would be a thread about the star ship trooper bugs XD

    thats some mean detail though since it looks like its meant to be a mask are u gonna add in the inner jaw so that it can really pop out quickly?
  6. Zathros

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    Wow, that really is cool!
  7. MTK

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    Do you have any plans to do a textured version? I noticed in another thread that you are texturing models now. This would look great with textures.:thumb:

  8. skoda

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    can not download, please refresh
  9. hall120

    hall120 New Member

    Incredible!! i don´t think I would be able to do that but i give it a try ;) thanks
  10. MTK

    MTK Active Member

    I'd still love to see a textured version of this, that would totally rock.

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