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    Well this day has seen a mixed bag of emotions.
    While I have moved on in my life and have a wonderful lady in my life, the lady who I lost due to some poor choices, but who until this week had remained civil and freindly to me, decided to just plain flip.
    While she has been with someone new who she really likes and hss found happiness (i, m actually not bummed at all but rather glad cuz she really deserves happiness and id be heartbroken if she was with an abusive or just mean person), she for some reason or other, after several months of actually enjoying talking to me and just caring about my livelihood as a freind, totally flipped and suffice to say that after s few texts back and forth last night, that started freindly and with me asking for a few pics of a Santa house sdvent calendar I hsd put alot of extra mod work into, to which she agreed in s seemingly freindly manner,quickly turned very crappy with added little digs and snarky passive agressive with each subsequent remark.
    Theres a point when you are just all cried out and the hurt has subsided enough that potentially hutful things that would have stung like a freak hybrid hornet, several months ago, no longer have that power.
    Soooooo......when a box of everything i had ever made for her or given her,showed up in a box on my doorstep this morning, I was somehow able to totally block out any and all the memories of how incredibly and rediculously in love and loving we hsd ever been together....any memories of all the times we had ever comforted each other in broken times and dark hours of the others life....somehow....not sure how...except that maybe somtimes people say things on the flipside of yhat coin, that tells you all is truly lost for good...but whatever yhe case, I found myself very pleasantly surprised and at peace with the words that came out of my mouth next.
    "Oh Wheeew....awesome...i put ALOT of extra work into that house and Starbucks Cup least I can change a few things, revamp them and repurpose them and srill enjoy them.....I love Christmas and that house is neat "
    With that said i will post pics of yhe house and a few of the modifications i did to the interior.
    THANKS all for tolerating my diatribe.
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    I would say that it has largely to do with men's ability to wall and compatmentalize, that allowed me to not lose my grip on my heart. The truth and trick of it is, that those memories and emotions dont occupy the whole of my mind or heart. Theyre there but theyre in one room and in a box, and the trick is that when im wandering around my day in my mind, just dont walk down the hall to door to that room, because it IS tempting to revisit the attic ghosts....and it does hurt.....stay too busy to go in yhat room.
    And that is where the paper modelling is so therepeutic and redeeming.
    Some of my best work has come from the healing process and that passion redirected into making things for people i know will never ever throw it away.
    I hope that what I have said here has benefit to the young guy (teen) who was struggling with the heartbreak of losing his lady.
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    Just sent you a P.M.

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