These model book things, exactly how does it work

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by KushanFarsight, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. KushanFarsight

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    i see when people buy some kits they always talk of scanning in the images, so i must ask, when you buy card model books such as ModelArt, are they paper pages that u scan or back onto card, or are they card themselves from which you cut out and make the model?


  2. charliec

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    It's rtfm time - please read Here's a quick summary to
    answer your question.

    Card models can come in a number of forms:

    Internet download - the model is simply printed onto card on the user's local printer.

    CD - similar.

    Booklet - the model is printed on card. The intent is that the parts are cut from the booklet and assembled. However this is doesn't allow for building mistakes, errors in the model or modifications to the original printed model. A way around this is to scan the pages into a local machine and then print or modify with a graphics package and print the pages.


  3. Darwin

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    The model book is (in nearly all cases) printed on cardstock. In some cases, the parts that are to be backed with heavier cardboard are printed on regular paper. In no case I know of are all the parts printed on regular paper that you must scan before you can build the model.

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