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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Renovo PPR, Mar 9, 2007.

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    One of my peeves is when a seller lists an engine as being a "C-10" or "C-9" then mentions it has been "test run" only in his description.I'm sorry,but if it has been out of the box and used in any way it should not be listed as a "C-10" or "C-9".Besides is their really such a thing as a "C-10" anything?I mean your pretty much just ASSUMING it's "C-10" so unless you actually take it out of the box how would you know that?And if you did that it wouldn't be a "C-10" anyways would it?

    I just bought a BLI UP AC6000CW w/sound for $150 from a guy on E-Bay and he had it as "C-8" because he had test run it while some of his other engines are listed as "C-7" because he ran them for an hour or so which I think could be listed as "C-8" in my opinion.He has stellar feedback,100% and hundreds of transactions and I found it refreshing that someone was honest when describing his engines.

    One of the worst though is when someone describes an old Tyco freight car as "Rare" just because he's had it for 20 years,Give me a break:rolleyes:!

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    That one is always my favorite as well.
    You see great big letters in the heading- "RARE"
    And there are 15 or 20 auctions above and below it for the exact same item. :D
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    Bought a box lot like that...just had this feeling about an item in one of the pictures. For $26 I picked up a lot that included a Sagami conversion kit for an MDC HOn3 loco. Got $75 for it two weeks later, not to mention another $45 for other things in the lot...and I still had cool things left over. The best advice I give folks is "Sell only what you know and know what you're buying"
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    As far as I'm concerned there is only one word whether you are buying or selling on eBay, PICTURES! They say that one is worth a thousand words, 3 or 4 good ones are worth a lot of money. :D :D
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