The Unseen University

Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by kenw, May 14, 2007.

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    i thought someone else would mention it so I never bothered to see if they did, but did you try to look in game stores? Use some AD&D figures or something, there are hundreds out there. Only thing that might be trouble is scale, but that wouldnt matter if you just used demons or something :p
  2. kenw

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    Mike, Is there any architectural model makers web shops? All I can seem to find are RR'ers and Wargamers.
    The railway figures are all 'normal people', and the wargamers are always brandishing big weapons! both of which mean a lot of work to turn into Discworld characters, and its something I didn't really want to spend a lot of time on - maybe later when I need a rest from cutting card :wink:
  3. cjd

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    You could rescale a Luggage, and have it stomping things somewhere on the grounds, and a cloud of dust indicating Rincewind dissapearing over the horizon should'nt be too difficult...

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    Congrats on POTW! Quite spectacular when you log onto the site!

  5. cgutzmer

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    well deserved too I might add. :D I love buildings - hopefully one day I can make one that turns out square!
  6. 60103

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    Ken: your thread was mentioned in the MR section.
    I've had the book since I saw it but it's still in good condition. I've been looking for a shop-worn or damaged one that I can buy cheaply and actually cut up, but they seem to have disappeared from the shelves; I'll have to order a new pristine copy.
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    I love this model, I just got my copy of the book and am working on the best way to proceed, I only have two problems with the model, the first being the spiral staircase on the observatory, But I see that has already been addressed by another modeler. So my only problem with this model is the Tower of Art.
    It's about 1/2 as tall as it should be and it doesn't taper. I am going to start with the tower and I am currently working on fixing those issues. I photoshopped an explanation of what I mean and will post it shortly.
  8. OhioMike

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    Absolutely amazing work! The diaorama work involving the river especially so!
  9. OK after several trips thru this thread i still can't find where this model can be purchased. Help?
  10. John L.

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    A great model. I just don't have the heart to cut my book up. I will have to find another copy of the book. Thank you very much for posting yout photos. John L.
  11. maltedfalcon

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    At this point your only option is probably going to be Ebay
    After about 2 weeks of searching - one came on
    I got it for about 19$ unfortunately it was in Australia and it is a big thick heavy book, shipping cost more than the book...

    on the plus side, I got it it, it is fantastic,
    Yesterday I took a deep breath and started cutting up the binding.
    I am going to scan each piece and test build it before I build the actual.

    I scanned it at 300dpi and printed it on 110# cover using a color laser printer
    and the quality of the print is almost perfect.
  12. jagolden

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  13. archangel1

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    It's still showing as being in stock at Chapters/Indigo, here in Canada, for about $25 CDN. Search in Books for unseen university

    Mike :wave:
  14. Traveller

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    Now that is one amazing diorama! I have never read any of Terry Pratchet's books but have heard great things about them. Il'l also bet it was easier to build that paper model than a similar model of resin or plastic. Especially since you would have to scratch build all of tha stuff in plastic. It would also be cheaper too. Imagine if you had a teeny electric train to run around between the buildings!
  15. Bas Taller

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    Well done! Thanks for you work! Thanks for you photos!

    Precious! Really magic world! Really atmospheric scene! Really inspiration diorama! Really huge amount of work!

    May I ask you: from what you maked your river? If it's not a secret, of course.
  16. PaperRonin

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    I got my hands on a copy of the book :D :D
    As soon as I noticed this thread, I needed to get it for my wife, who is a HUGE Pratchett fan...

    Wasn't easy to obtain, but it look like it will be more difficult to build ;)
  17. Jackrum

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    I'm currently building this. Having lots of fun so far but I can't for the life of me find part 20 of the observatory! Does anyone know which page the little sods on?
  18. alang

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    "Missing" Observatory part 20.


    Page 73, right-hand side, just below half way, amongst all the 50s and 60s.

    I wonder whether these "misplaced" parts are some sort of Pratchettian joke.

  19. Jackrum

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    *sigh* Looks like I need to have my eyes tested! THANK YOU Alan; I thought I was going nuts!
  20. OhioMike

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    Just got this off amazon for $18.00. Im not real big on the wizard fantasy thing but i do enjoy a little of the Victorian sci-fi thing. So maybe a diorama along those lines with a "steampunk Airship" involved somehow????

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