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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by ThunderChild, May 8, 2010.

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    You've gotta understand that when an artist as great as UHU gets pirated, there should be a certain amount of secrecy to hide the access to his or her work, which he is offering for free. The sheer talent in art and engineering Uhu exhibits is...incredible.

    As one who grew up wanting to design aircraft for the love of the mechanics of flight and the joy of modeling, Uhu is an inspiration to look up to. It's not a show of superiority, nor is it childish. It's purely appreciation of a master artist's work, and the preservation of his library is to prevent others from profiting from that work.

    There are many artists in this forum who deserve appreciation for the work they do, too many to name in fact. The fact that one is willing to offer the fruits of their hard work for free is, to say the least, generous. I'd like to appreciate the generosity of every contributor, and I do try. Credit given where credit is due, and all that. I hope to offer contributions of my own some day, though I don't claim nearly the skill that Uhu or many others display.

    Please forgive the rant, but if you can't appreciate the free works of fine art and engineering being offered, and the reason for the hidden access... don't involve yourself in the thread. This thread is dedicated to the "appreciation" of Uhu's work, after all. "If you cant say anything nice...."

    I'm sorry if you've had a hard time gaining access to Uhu's library. I was impatient and excited and I looked right passed the obvious many times before it hit me. Most browsers have a translator function and Uhu GAVE us the log-in and password to his library. If you're patient and read the relevant thread posts, you'll figure it out.

    Please, don't depreciate any contributors work or the reasons for their reluctance for open and complete access.
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    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?

    I feel like that guy in MALLRATS who can't see the schooner in the 4D picture at the mall.

    I've been a paper modeler for a long time now and uhu's designs are among the best I've ever seen. I deeply respect the craftsmanship and understand what an artist Uhu is. I can only admire the skill and patience it took to create these models. The fact that they're based on popular cinema and classic and semi-modern sci-fi are what makes building such models all the more fun.

    Thanks for the key and for the advice.
    But still I'm having no luck...

    Tried EVERY SINGLE COMBINATION I could come up with for the password and ID, still nothing.
    Perhaps I'm not very tech savy or much into internet lingo and knowhow. Everyone keeps saying the password is obvious. What am I missing????
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    Ohio Mike gave you a HUGE hint with the thread link he posted above It may be hard for some to picture, but the information is actually given two times (so far).

    BTW- Never could get those "Magic Eye" thingies to work for me either. Thankfully you don't need to see into those kind of images to find the answer.

    Glenn "What, me give oblique hints?" :mrgreen:

  5. Ah - a fellow sufferer...
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    Everyone who is searching for that elusive clue. Sit back, look at the problem from the outside. Look at the clue and let your mind focus. The solution is there. And in reality it is so simple it is difficult if you try to hard, grasshopper
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    Brilliant models every one. Thank you Uhu02 for making these available.:thumb:
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    So I looked at the key, thank you...

    tried typing words in various combinations,
    different responses to what the key says,
    translations of words from the key,
    tried combinations from words in the thread,
    responses to word combinations from the thread,
    translating word combinations from the thread,

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    Dude! You're really over thinking it. I did the same thing. It really is all.... right in the threads. Just look at it as a far simpler puzzle than what you think.
  10. atomgas

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    AHH! Finally!!!

    Figured out! Now facepalming because I didn't see it earlier.

    Thanks to all who helped and especially THANK YOU to UHU02 for these amazing models!

    "Wow! It's a schooner!" "You dumb *******! That's not a schooner, it's a sailboat!" "A schooner is a sailboat, stupidhead!" "Well you know what? THERE IS NO EASTER BUNNY! OVER THERE, THAT'S JUST A GUY IN A SUIT!!

    -Mallrats (1995)
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    Congrats, atomgas! :thumb:

    Glad to see you have a sense of humor, too!

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    Ditto. Glad to see you figured it out. That's part of the fun, figuring out the puzzle.:mrgreen:
  13. I completely sympathize with Uhu's issues concerning piracy, though it took me a little time to understand his way of handling things. I used to have links to his models on my link site, but have taken them all off out of respect for his desires (sadly, for sure). His models are not for beginning card modelers (experienced modelers are used to instruction language barriers and such), but they're well worth the trouble. I've been surveying the card model scene on the web for quite a while now and consider Uhu about the greatest designer of free model downloads I've ever run across. His models are like card model epics that seem to get better with every new release.

    I'm hoping there will be some future (or present) web technology will make it possible for him to make his wonderful models more widely accessible without such concerns. I make it around the the web marketing scene with some frequency and am on the lookout for new file protection methods. If I run across something that might help I'll try to make him aware of it.

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    UHU02's models are freely available from his website to anyone for a limited time on release the easiest way to get them is to keep a watch on his site and nab them on release.Of a more important note he has posted progress on the U-boat model which means that despite the terrible events in Japan he is safe and well.UHU02 has also made his Tinkerbell model available as a thank you to the support for Japan at this time.
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    Well, I have to say, since I figured out the simple puzzle, I wonder if Uhu thinks we're (those who had such difficulty) morons. I still have to laugh at how simple it was and how I kept looking for more complex puzzles.

    With regards to Uhu's work, I totally understand wanting to keep his cards close to his vest. I have seen some of these models on other sites, but didn't recognize them as his until I saw the same models over in his library.

    I hate to say it, but I'm pretty sure that a couple of his models have been used as templates to create styrene models that are currently on the market. The model from Fantastic Voyage is one that looks very close to Uhu's work and I would hate to think that he got ripped off by people that are in business for profit.
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    Hi all ok stupid question. I am working on the Black Pearl and love uhu02 models...will post some pics. I have wanted to do others of his but never noticed the Library button. Ok here we go again another stupid person here. I am on my wk comp. so want to make sure that I have not doen anything wrong. When you click ont he Library button you get a pop up that states User name (would be uhu02 I presume) and bellow password? I just was wondering because. I am not looking for the password and hopefully will figure it out in time. I just want to make sure I was ont he right track. Thanks in advance and will post my Black Pearl progress a little later when I get home.
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    Ok I have to be the dumb dumb on the earth....figured it out and yes feel sooooooooooooo stupid. I am soooo thrilled with uhu02 paper models that my words cannot explain the gratitude. Truly works of art. From myself to Uhu02 a huge THANK YOU.
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    Only read your posts now. Glad you figured it out, hope to see some of your builds!
    Oh and warm welcome to the forum! :D
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    Thank you...I am so glad I found this fourm. I am having such a great time viewing everyones wonderful creations and builds and am at awwww over the beautiful work people put into there models. I also have met some very nice people on here and helpful. Thnak you agin to all for the warm welcomes I have received.

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    Many thanks, sir. I sincerely appreciate your gift to us. :)

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