"The Tumbler? Oh, you wouldn't be interested in that."

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Master-Bruce, Nov 30, 2007.

  1. Nothing

    Nothing Longtime Member

    im anxious to see this finished. just watched the movie the other day, and was thinking of pulling this out of the stack.
  2. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    I totally recommend building this model. It's fantastic. Though as for finishing it I just haven't had enough time.

    As you know I've been busy with a few things lately and just haven't been able to keep going on them all. The Sulaco is almost done for now and when Christmas is out of the way (you know what I mean?) I'll be able to come back at this. I'm also building one of the Lazy Town airships for my kids tonight, and because it needs test building before Claudio can host it on his site.

    Busy busy busy!
  3. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    I'm really looking forward to doing mine, and am starting to consider slightly larger than double size, I just hope I can get a new camera before I start cos I plan to go pretty nuts on added detail and really want to document the whole process.

    Still eagerly awaiting those pics of yours though... don't be shy now. :D
  4. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    I just came across this, while getting some more data for the Batwing.
    you will have to register to view this forum so i just took a screenshot...

    Claudio, do you know this dude? he is offering both your tumbler, the '66, as well as the ninjatoe's 89 versions.
    while not calling them his own - he isn't disclosing they ain't his either....
    his files are here -> Badongo free file hosting and image hosting

  5. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    Not very clever that. He's from my neck of the woods too! Just hope he got the permission for it.
  6. Cláudio Dias

    Cláudio Dias Member


    No I don't know him... BTW, those 89' Batmobile blueprints are awesome!
  7. Cláudio Dias

    Cláudio Dias Member

    No permission from me...
  8. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    i figured I'd give him a chance to be transparent before I went to him blatherin about "thats not yers..." lol

    I dropped a note saying it would be nice to credit those responsible...
    we'll see what happens
  9. Cláudio Dias

    Cláudio Dias Member

    Thanks for that Oyl!
  10. OylPslyk

    OylPslyk Aspiring Usurper

    just got this reply, seems sincere as it came so quick

  11. CJTK1701

    CJTK1701 Banned

    That's sounds good to me. I host and hosted Ron Caudillos 1/50th and 1/25th TOS Bridge models and didn't even think to add additional information. I mean, it was on every page of the model and directions. I sure as heck didn't try to take credit for the production. I think people get way to twisted up over copyright stuff. I mean for Pete's sake DC Comics, Universal.....etc.... they own the copyright. I've always credited everyone when working with them on the project, but unless a guy is blatantly taking credit for someone elses work.... I don't it as an issue. A lot of people don't even credit their work for being inspired by say Paramount, or Matt Jeffries. I know Oyl does, as does Ron, but a lot don't. I wouldn't sweat it.

    I've been working on a TOS Enterprise and was litterally run out of the styrene community, now all of a sudden another person, or persons are working on one for production, but you don't see him crediting me for inspiring him to actually do it, instead of talking about it and I'm sure not going to loose sleep over it. :mrgreen: You also don't him/them crediting Paramount. I'm sure if a C&D showed up he'd be crying though.

    Sorry, end of rant.:eek:
  12. jaffro

    jaffro Long term member

    Nice and sincere maybe, but wouldn't it have been even easier for him to just give them a link to Claudio's site?

    Oh and how's that tumbler going Skip? long time no updatey :D
  13. Master-Bruce

    Master-Bruce Active Member

    I know, I've been off my game!

    Been so busy here. I made the mistake of starting another build for my kids, then got too busy to finish that as soon as I'd have hoped. Now I doubt I'll get anything done until after Crimbo!

    I'm trying but this damn REAL WORLD keeps getting in my way! :)

    Sorry buddy. Though upon saying that I've been studying Batman Begins for you. I have the mechanism for the cockpit hatch nailed now! I think if I could get hold of Claudio's original mesh, I could model an interior for your second big build! I think I have enough of what I need for it.

    Not my Tumbler but I call that an Tumbler update! ;)

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