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    announce1 Check your television schedules, because this is a must-see for anyone who is either a) as train buff,r b) a movie buff or c) both.

    The Train, 1965, starring Burt Lancaster: the powerful story of a group of French railway workers who will stop at nothing to prevent the Germans from taking a train loaded with the art treasures of the French nation to Germany in the closing days of the war.

    This film has it all, action, suspense and some of the best working railroad footage probably ever captured for a film. From sabotage to wrecks, from repairs to derailments, from the cab to the switching tower, this film has it all for anyone with even a shred of love for steam railroading, action and just plain great action.

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    Hey Mountain man...Did you see it advertised in one of the movie channels or something?? I caught "Emperor of the North" a few weeks back and got it on tape. Some great train action in that one too...
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    No - I was just plain luucky. Nothing going on with the forums so I turned on the tube to see if just maybe something decent was on, and there it was, just starting. It had been a very long time since I saw this, and this time I concentrated on the railroad operations and equipment themselves, enjoying the realism. Too often trains are an adjunct to a film, as in Breakheart Pass, but in this case the trains were the focal point of everything.

    I'll look for Emperor -thanks for the tip.

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