The Tide comes in to the Bay

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  1. Jodam

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    A 2" x 10" section of our first section, although happy with the outcome, the Epoxy Casting Resin was an expensive water for the reasonably large area.
    2kg @ $46:50p/kg, It was very slow curing, and not suitable for wave forming.
    The local bay that i based this scene on, is frequenty glass smooth, so therefore this is not out of place. I can use the lack of air, as an excuse for the Yachts never moving.

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  2. Woodie

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    Looks a bit of allright, Jodam. Does that stuff need to be that thick? I thought a few mm (10mm maybe) would do it. Dunno. I ain't done water before.
  3. Woodie

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    Oh... and... um... that website link doesn't work.
  4. Fred_M

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    Hi Damien. It looks great. I does only need to be just covered to look like water. On my layout it's only about 1mm or so thick, but it don't run to the edge like yours. The way you did it gives it depth! and makes it look fantastic. :thumb: Fred
  5. Jodam

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    Thanks guys, I was trying for depth at the edge it's 15N' deep

    Don't know why the link is not working, the URL works with cut & paste.
  6. boppa

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  7. Jodam

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    Thanks Boppa, the link now works,
  8. Wyomingite

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    It looks great to me and thanks for sharing.

    Ron :thumb: :thumb: :wave:
  9. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    Good work Jodam. Also the work on your car. That's quite a wing on it. Where do you race it?
  10. Jodam

    Jodam Member

    Thanks for the kind words.
    Robin the car was used for Hillclimbs and sprints, until sold to fund a new car and a new HOBBY, OE & JP Rw's. As ill health overcame my ability to race it.
    Model Railways is a hobby my wife & I can share. Attested by the Restaurant on the Pier, my only contribution was 2 x 5000mcd LED's for lighting.
  11. spitfire

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    Nice work Jodam!!!! :thumb:

  12. jmarksbery

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    :wave: Hi Jodam, that's a great looking scene. Did you make the pour for the water all at once, that will cause it to dry very very slowly and sometimes causes cracks. It is recommended to make small pours and let it dry and then pour again till you get the depth you want. On the last pour you can get the wave effect in several ways, with a hair dryer, or wait till it is almost dry and pick at it, which is both time consuming. I like to use the WS water effects as you can move it to what ever you like as soon as you use it and when it dries it is totally clear, dry brush the white caps and your done. Hope this helps some. :rolleyes: Jim
  13. Jodam

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    Hi Jim,
    I chose the slow cure Epoxy resin because it was clear, The quick cure has a yellow/brown hue when cured. & Epoxy has little or no odour.

    "Quote from data sheet :- Epoxy Cast 306 is a low viscosity cycloaliphatic epoxy resin system, with a long pot life and extended working time.
    With epoxies the larger the mass the shorter the pot life, only mix the amount of product that can be used within the pot life. end quote."

    I was advised that pots up to 5kg or 1 gallon possible as no heat generated during cure, as there is with polyester resins.
    The bay took 2kg in two pours. I attempted wave ripples when as cure progressed, but it flowed back to smooth, right up until solid, my first layer had some interesting effects that looked like water currents. I've since found out they were caused by improper A, b Mix, the second pour had no irregularities when cured.

    Thanks for your comments though.
  14. DeaconF

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    Works for me! Frank
  15. Papa Bear

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    Nice work, Jodam! :thumb:

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