The Third gauge Layout Party!!! :) :) :)

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by N Gauger, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    ok - Lets start the party!!!!!!

    Rules - Check in here & Add your lists of what you hope to accomplish. :D

    Going to build or weather a car or engine? Do wiring?? (That you didn't finish in the second party) :D Going to build something?? Or hope to get scenery done.. Then there's us general contractors that build as we go :) Post your ideas here & I'll start a list!!

    Now the boring stuff!!! :cool: :cool:

    Dates - this runs from July 1st to August 15th :)

    Pics - post you pics when you get them - If you can - post "Before & After Pics too :)

    ~~ If you don't have fun - then you aren't doing it right!! :D :D :D

    ~~ Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Second Gauge Layout PArty
  2. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    First thing I'm going to do is scratchbuild a small HO warehouse from plans I have posted at my Yahoo Group called Wayside Warehouse. The plans are called that, not the group. I already have a name for it, but that's going to be a suprise as I'm naming it after yet another gauge member as in the tradition started by Robin for NARA members. The first was Paul's Salvage. I hope it's but the first of things I get done in the next 6 weeks. Fred
  3. Freelancer

    Freelancer Member

    Count me in! I have been waiting for the second party to end so this one can start and now I can't recall all of the things that I wanted to do. Hmmm... Lets see, I think I would like to finish wiring up the marker lights on my caboose, finish installing decoders in a few of my engines, tinker with my shay, and depending on how those things go I would like to finalize my track plan and start on the benchwork. :D That sounds like a lot, I think I will have my work cut out for me. Wish me luck! :thumb:


  4. My plan for the next 6 weeks is to gather materials to make my 30x54 N-scale Operations track.

    It'll be designed as a somewhat portable Inglenook sidings and Switching game (as seen elsewhere on site)

    I hope to actually get started BUILDING it in late august.
  5. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Well lets see,
    more wiring on the big layout.

    Build one more adaptor module for the TTRAK ,get more scenery done on the other TTRAK modules.

    Possibly get a start on two new NTRAK modules.

    Wish I could go to Toronto with the rest of the gang. :(
  6. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    General Construction & General Scenery again - for me. I really have to get that mountain design finished & start building!! :)
  7. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    My main objective is to glue cork roadbed onto the second half of the Ouimet Canyon on my layout. I can then start scenicing and want to get the bridge area sceniced first so I can install my new bridge. I will be very happy to get this much done. Interestingly, I don't think I would get this far if it wasn't for the party. Good on you Mikey for setting it up
  8. Lighthorseman

    Lighthorseman Active Member

    Time To FOCUS!!

    As I've whined about before, I have precious little modelling time. I find that it is usually squandered by trying to have 400 projects or so going all at the same time...resulting in nothing actually getting finished. the moment, what's most important? Well, I'd have to say that it's TRACKWORK. Firstly, the handlaid track running through the town of Megill River needs to be completed. Next, I want to finish off the hidden trackwork to create the a running circuit.

    For the time being, that is going to be the sole focus of my efforts for this layout party. Here's hoping!
  9. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Oh, great now I have to decide on something. I know how Lighthorseman feels. I have to try to focus on something but what?

    The two main things I would like to accomplish over the remainder of the summer would be:
    1. Upgrading my hopper fleet. I began doing this about a year ago and got sidetracked. I need to make sure that extra weight is added to the hoppers that need it, make coal loads for ones that have none. Also I need to finish converting the wheels from the plastic wheels to metal wheels. I even have one or two kits I should build. This would also apply to my fleet of covered hoppers.
    2. Build the first module base. I keep putting this off. Maybe now is the time to get down and start it. I need to do this so either the Water Tower Diorama or the Passenger Station Diorama can be incorporated into the layout.

    So how’s that for being clear as mud?
  10. Ray Marinaccio

    Ray Marinaccio Active Member

    I plan to finish the U33B I built the chassis for and get a good start on the RPP GP60 project.
    I also have a couple of Athearn GP35s, 2 F7s, 3 FM C-liners and a Varney F3 that need painted.
    I am hoping to find the parts to finish a pair of MDC 0-6-0T locos.

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  11. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Here's The First Draft of The List!!! :D :D

    N Gauger -- General Construction - Scenery & The Missile Site should be finished :)

    Dash10 -- Warehouse & other construction

    Freelancer -- Wiring Lights, Decoders and layout construction (planning for party # 5 Already) :D :D :D

    screwysquirrel -- Gathering parts for N Gauge Layout - With Inglenook

    catt -- Wiring layout - TTrak & NTrak Module construction

    Matthyro -- Roadbed & Scenery

    Lighthorseman -- Track Work

    TomPM -- Hopper fleet & "module base"

    Ray Marinaccio -- U33B, RPP GP60, GP35, 2 F7, FM C-liners, F3 and MDC 0-6-0T loco construction & tweaking.

    ddavidv -- General Construction & Detailing

    rksstl -- General Construction

    DayRed -- N gauge - 2'6" x 4' layout.

    Anyone else????? The "First weekend is This weekend - If you cant get to it by Sunday - then plan on posting pics at least next weekend (on or before the 11th) :) :) Even if you get nothing done - try to post updates and / or pics by Tuesday - Every Week!! :)

    Everyone work safe!!

    Everyone have FUN FUN FUN!!!!

    We finish August 16th 2004!! :D :D :D :D

    Ready ..... Set,..... GO!!!!! :D :D :D

  12. slight correction, Mikey! I'm only gathering materials. I can't build it just yet, no room until I move back into my Studio/Dorm.

    I might manage to put together a few parts, but nothing is certain.
  13. Freelancer

    Freelancer Member

    LOL, I like to plan ahead! :D
  14. ddavidv

    ddavidv Member

    Paint/weather my track and lay it.
    Now, this may not seem like an ambitious project, since it's a small layout on a door, but I'm waiting for a pressure regulator for my airbrush from the LHS. Judging by how long it took him to get my Grandt Line doors, I suspect I'll be able to start painting my track by about, oh, August 15th. :rolleyes:
    In the meantime I could work on the vehicle road I need to finish.
  15. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    That means you're better organized than me!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

    But that's not that difficult :D :D
  16. rksstl

    rksstl Member

    Ok I haven't been posting or in chat too much lately. Been busy this time of year with outside projects. But I also have been preping the new layout room and building bench work. Here are some pics of that. My list will be pretty much just general const., wiring, maybe laying some track. ( got to beable to run a train ).
    Good luck to everyone on getting some work done :wave:

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  17. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Rich!! nice work so far! :D :D When you're done there - come help me with mine!! :D :D :D
  18. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    So I got started last nite while chatting. Fred

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  19. TomPM

    TomPM Another Fried Egg Fan

    Looks like everyone is getting off to a good start. Me, I am in a holding pattern until after we return from Orlando on July 18. I may try to get some things organized before we go and make up a shopping list for the parts I need.
  20. Fred_M

    Fred_M Guest

    I finished roughing in the dock/floor and now on to the structure. Fred

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