The Soo's Red Wing Division

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Starman, May 30, 2008.

  1. Starman

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    I have been reading a lot on this layout and i have some question's that i hope someone can help me with.
    1. Is there a better track plan for this layout that will give you the right dimentions[hope i spelled that right bad at spelling] on where to lay the track.
    2. Will this be bigger than a 4x8 layout and will i need more space.
    As i said i have read a lot on this but when you look at the track plan it does not tell you like when to lay a 9'' inch section as to when to lay a 18'' inch section or a 22'' inch section so i am lost when it comes to that.I am looking at the track plan in a book called [Small railroads you can build] and if you have this book it is on page 8-19 and the track plan is on page 10.I have everything to build this i just need help with the track laying.
    Thank you for the help
  2. nachoman

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    this was a project railroad in model railroader about 10 years ago. I bet the article in the book is just a re-print of the article from the magazine, so i doubt you will find more info.

    Don't despair. If you have a PC, you can dowload atlas right track software for free, and play around and see if you can get the same track arrangement. I think this was a standard 4x8 layout, and I seem to remember this one using a short piece of flex track for one of the curves...

    hmm let me google it and see if this is the same one I rememberr.

  3. Starman

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    Thank you nachoman, yes i do have a pc and i will download that and see what i come up with.I think you are right about it being 10 yrs old or more.
  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    I think it was a series in 1994 or so. I believe I have the full set, but I have not read them for a while.

    You might want to check the Gateway Division NMRA website and look for "Gateway Central II" - it was based on Red Wing.

  5. Starman

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    Hey masonjar,
    Thanks for that advice you gave here i went to that web site and it did help with what i was trying to find out and i also e-mail them to see if they might give me some insight into how they built their's.

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