"The" Silver Streak 1930...

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    "The" Silver Streak 1930s something.

    Anyone familiar with this movie?

    I saw it once on AMC. It features trains, the building of the Grand Cooley Dam (as I remember) and the fellow that portrayed Dagwood Bumstead in the "Blondie" series.

    There's a race to help someone hurt at the building project. Trains were used to transport the much needed equipment (medical- I think it was an "Iron Lung") from the World's Fair to the site. You see lineups of steam next to a Zephyr, which is the hero of the movie.

    I believe I recall the Zepyr in the movie racing with an S2 turbine on the way across country.

    I wish I could get a copy of this flick. It's entertaining as a '30s light drama would be and I'm fascinated by the portrayal of a train as a hero. It's innocent as those times would have as far as a film goes. I think I can order it from Block Buster Videos as a "special"- they had it in their catalog a few years back for $60.

    As an aside- the movie with what's his name, and what's his face with that babe whos name I forgot is titled "Silver Streak".

    Have you seen this movie?

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    Whao! Excellent.

    Whao! Excellent.

    That's it. Thanks.



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