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  1. Hello to you all.

    After some time without posting, I fell now it is the right time to do it. For those who know, there are in Spain some modules, just like the ones used in USA and other countries. After working and testing some techniques in my home layout, I decided with some friends to recriate the Seixal Terminal, just like it was from 1923 to 1969, when the line were dismantled. Then, we decided to go with the modules, so we can carry this layout to exhibitions...

    Here is a first shoot of the first module being built... I hope I can still post a photo :D :D

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  2. MCL_RDG

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    I blush...

    ...for my awkward...approach...but uhhhmmmmm, er, uh- seixal station- very controversial- no?

    I was just crabbing in Ship Bottom but there was no mention of crabs! Nor- did we catch any.

    It's a beautiful building and model- thanks for the post.

  3. AIGI

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    Good looking prototype, and your model is starting to look good too.
  4. Not controversial at all... but... (and there's always a but, in these things)... My final work at college is about the line coming from Barreiro to Seixal. If you want to know some of the story, Barreiro is in the south border of the Tagus river and you reach it after a boat journey for about 1 hour in the steam times... so, an "illuminated" mind thought about placing a new terminal for the Southern Lines in Cacilhas, also in the south border but in front of Lisbon.... after years of studying and problems with the works, the line was built and pu t to work between Barreiro and Seixal, in an extension of about 4 km. However, the line never reached Cacilhas, since, problems with the terrains first, then because of the navy implacemente in Alfeite (between Seixal and Cacilhas), the terminal station was never built and Seixal became just a small terminal.... the line had service from 1923 to 1969, as I said in my previous post. In September 18, 1969, a ship fully loaded from the "Siderurgia Nacional" (the National Siderurgics... the main producer of iron and steel) was sent with specific orders to tear down the bridge between Barreiro and Seixal...

    I promise to keep you all updated and I'm showing pictures of my work as it will go....
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    what you have so far looks fantanstic. Looking forward to see more pictures :thumb: :thumb:
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    Looks fantastic Ricardo!!!! And thanks for the Portuguese lesson! :)

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    See, I knew there was...

    ...something controversial about this.

    Mark :wave:

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