The Romulan Incident

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    Extra time off means a modeling marathon, which brings me to my latest edition to the showcase - The Romulan Bird of Prey from the original series. This model is by Rawen and it is a fun little build. It builds in the same style as his starships and the file has an instruction diagram. I only changed a few things.

    On the wings, I kept the tabs except for one side at the base. If you leave them all they seem a little hard to fold in. You can loose all the tabs at the base with no problem.

    The edge piece seems a little too long. As usual, I glued from the front/center around and had to trim some off the back on both sides to get it to fit.

    I cut the tabs off the base of the Bridge piece for a more flush fit.

    The rest was just cut and glue. So, here's the pics - For the Praetor's Glory!

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  2. bgt01

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    More pics from the build

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    Even more pics from the build

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    Final pics from the build

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  5. Revell-Fan

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    Gorgeous, like always! ;-)
  6. vulcan8630

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    Great work and thanks for the build photos!
  7. micahrogers

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    Where can these little beauties be found? Nice wok and a beautiful Bird of Prey
  8. Rogerio Silva

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    Hey, pretty cool! I like the way you've pre-shaped it...
  9. bgt01

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