The Rodger Young

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Gearz, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

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    How about the "Valley Forge"?

    That mesh is one I would like to see a more gifted modeler tackle. I tried to unfold it and "Robbie the Robot". I just could never get them simple enough to work.

    Good luck guys,

    I still have the files if anyone wants to go for it!
  2. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Forgot one!?

    The Discovery, (From 2001), is another one that should be done. The Hako one, (from Homespun), would be fine if it had a real sphere for the command module.


  3. doc_harvey

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    And the Nostromo?
  4. I just checked with the version in the tool bin and I got the model to convert OK. There is an upper limit or 100,000 points and 100,000 panels which the RY is well within. You may have problems if the .msh is in a very low directory i.e C:paper/Models/SciFi/Orbiter/Wow/OMG/...../mesh. If you put it in a high directory with a short path name the model should appear. See my latest note in the tool bin about converting and stretching textures.

    The Event Horizon doesn't convert with this version but I'll take a look at why.

    If you have no further success I'll e-mail you the mqo version of the RY and EH if I can sort out the problem

    There is another free space simulator called Celestia that uses .3ds models.

    Sorry Doc I haven't found a model of the Nostromo yet - if you know of one I may be able to convert?
  5. The Celestia models include Nostromo, Valley Forge and Event Horizon.
  6. Gearz

    Gearz Member

    'Celestia' + 'Orbiter' =

    Behaviour ~ subject crouches in corner, with blank expression, clutching armful of 3D meshes .
    Observation ~ Subject is none responsive to stimuli
    Prognosis ~ intensive paper therapy strongly recommended before .......

    PB ~ Mr Wizard ! Thanks, your tip did the trick, a Dumb Diver N Deep DIR were the culprits! I've got all three variants of The Young converted.

    The Celestia Sim looks just as Amazingly Amazing as Orbiter. Between the two, there's enough subject matter there to choke a dinosaur. (Or at least keep card devs happy for several years). I've got the Celestia /3ds version of the Event Horizon + + Wow.. a Narcissus with full interior!!!
    :roll: ~ Hello my names is Gearz and I'm a project junky ~ Heeelllooo Gearz...

    Thanks very much for the assistance and tools PB, its greatly appreciated. If it wasn't for guys like you, I'd be out of a hobby (dev)

    Doc ~ Yep the Nostromo is next cab off the Rank (unless someone else Develops it first) See ~ Narcissus comment above ???

    Surfduke ~ Wooow I can see why the Valley Forge choked PEP! I guess , like the Event Horizon it would require errr... 'other than card' materials, for the girder/ frame work etc. Probably the mid Hull section and Domes would be the only sections worth a try in card. Did you have anything in mind for the 'frame'?

    The Rodger Young
    The plot so far ~ we've now got Five 3D meshes of the Young to work with. There's components of all five that I like, so a combination of parts looks the order of the day.. Using the schematic posted earlier by w.holzinger and the Dimensions +/ pix offered by NYC Irish, as a base reference, I'll start collating the 'bits' and start producing something. ( other than monologues)

  7. s33k3r

    s33k3r Member

    Here is another link
    The game is "Virtual Sailor", and has lot's of models. Well, most of these models aren't sci-fi but they are really easy to use. These models are all in .x (DirectX models), and almost all 3d tools can read them

    Especially the Oscar-II, Typhoon, and the Akula, i would love to have them on paper :twisted: :-D :-D :-D :-D
  8. Event Horizon was just too big for UMC2 - latest version manages OK. If anyone has a troublesome mesh then please let me know - I may be able to convert it.

    Virtual Sailor is a nice sim - check out Jason Simpson's Virtual Slipway for some excellent models.

    There is a MicroFlight sim by the same guy that also uses .x models. Not many models yet but it looks good.
  9. w.holzinger

    w.holzinger Guest

    As you can see, the "disassembly" of the Rodger-Young continues and is nearly done. I took the mesh from simply because it is the most "realistic" looking mesh I found on the net. Now I try to disassemble the mesh to get a feeling for the structure of this complex spaceship. Here you can see some results.

    All I can say is that even some proportions may not be correct and some parts do not correspond to the starships seen in the movie these guys know a lot about 3D design and did an awsome job. But they used a lot of tricks you can do in 3D design, i. e. intersections of different parts, but it'll be a bloody hard work to get this mesh unfolded. Who wants to be a beta builder ... ? ;)

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  10. ekuth

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    Me! Me! Me!
  11. Gearz

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    Gota have something on offer during the prelims of new project. After seeing some of the tiny models members have made here, there'll be no more wild claims by this little black duck. I managed (mangled) a few parts ~ one inch wingspan, sadly the detail parts were way to small for my chainsaw to cut.



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  12. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Valley Forge

    Carl, are you refering to the naval ship, or some other ship? How about a picture?
  13. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    Valley Forge from "Silent Running"

    I was refer. to the Space Craft from the film "Silent Running". Which BTW, was filmed on the Naval Ship, Valley Forge, (Some of the interiors that is).

    It would be the card model, of card models!!

    Have a good evening,

  14. sjsquirrel

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    OT: Valley Forge ahead...

    I got the Valley Forge converted from the Orbiter mesh, and also found another, very high res, but very beautiful mesh of it in 3DS on the Celestia site. The one from Orbiter should make a good model - it'll just take time to simplify the mesh a bit. If no one else jumps on it this will be my next project (but don't hold your breath - I've already got three on the go, and I like to build a model or six in between too :).

    @Plastic Bonzai - The Silent Running package from the Orbiter site includes the Valley Forge, Berkshire and Sequoia. Both the Berkshire and Sequoia crash the UMC version in the parts bin. I don't know what these ships look like, but maybe the whole set would be nice. See what you can do with those?

    The Valley Forge converted to mqo format okay, but it comes in with something like 700 textures, most of which are duplicates. Got any ideas?

    BTW, there is a nice DDS conversion utility here;29412 that made short work of converting the textures for the Valley Forge. Just selected all the files, specified the output format and zap, instant bitmaps. Too cool.
  15. Tidy up in UMC2

    If you have duplicate materials then Edit->Tidy Materials will quickly reduce them. Similary Edit-> Tidy will do this along with reduce the vertex count but that can take a looooong time.

    I couldn't get to the Valley Forge mesh set as Orbiter site had "too many connections" nor the DDS batch convertor as the download sites were playing up.

    If anyone can forward these to me.....?

    I expect the crashing meshes are just too big for the current release.

    I don't know if it is of use but UMC2 can help you break models up into small components by section of panels or mutiple panels and right click with Edit-> Delete (or press key D) selected. It has a simple Undo function (press U) as well if you get over-zealous.
  16. Update from yesterday.

    I've got the meshes and the DDS tool (neat - and a very interesting site there). The Silent Running meshes all convert OK in my latest version but I don't see much difference between them - definately ones for tube rollers though!

    I don't think the issues were to do with size - I did fix something sometime back which is probably the reason it now works OK.

    I will try and up-issue UMC2 for Xmas - it has bugs in areas were it was previously OK :( - silly me for trying to tidy it up.
  17. Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett

    Carl (Surfduke) Hewlett Active Member

    I would like to see roll!

    I want the "Valley Forge" I would love to test build is you can get it unwrapped!

  18. NYC Irish

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    Will the Roger Young match the scale of that TIC TAC?

    John john
  19. Bad_Scorpion

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  20. rlc321

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    how is the project going no posts yet i wonder when some one will make a paper model of the bugs, that would be cool....

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