The Rodger Young

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  1. Gearz

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    The Rodger Young

    First look ~ From a card model development point of view, this Rodger Young 3D model, by Gerard Dolan & Marc-Laurent "Magma" Magnier ( available HERE ), Is a good starting point, although it will require considerable re-working to prepare it for development. Why use such a complex Model? If I could build a simpler 3D model myself, I would! If anyone knows of a simplified 3d model for the RY, please let us know.

    OK.. most modellers would do the sensible thing and spend time researching the subject, before starting such an ambitious project. ~ I prefer just to dive in and repent later. So this is where your opinions and suggestions will save my bacon.

    I'll aim for something in between a detailed 100 page monster, and a simplified 'Boxes' version.
    So ~ (Taking the time factor into consideration) What would you like to see on the model ?

    lol.. finally


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  2. 72BMWR75/5

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    Oh, man. Love Heinlein.
  3. ekuth

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    I think with the Rodger Young as with the Galactica, most of the more complex details can be simulated successfully with texturing.

    That said, I say go with as much detail as we can squeeze out of it without getting insane.

    One of these days I'm going to sit down and force myself to learn MetaSequoia... I have the full version, but I just cant seem to find a SIMPLE easy to follow tutorial. (You know, like: This is how we make a square, make it hollow, turn it into a house, join the vertexes, texture it...)
  4. Stev0

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    Awww crap ... I have a movie magazine thats all about Starship Troopers. I have to go dig it out. Can't remember what is exactly in it but I do remember doing a biopsy on the movie for a CG course project.

    ps. That CG model is quite innacurate.

    pps. This should keep ya tied over for now...
  5. Gearz

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    Heinlein ~ I think SST was one of, if not the first SF novel I ever read, or was it The Forever War ? mmmm...... Funny, as usually the case, I didn't picture the Young anything like the movie version, but its certainly grown on me.

    Yep.. think that's a pretty good target ekuth. It has to be a FUN model to build. Its probably not the best subject to use for Meta Methods ~ I'll try to add a much as I can from the 3D stages ~ How I did that etc. Its going to be rough, hopefully it will have something of use for you (and anyone interested).

    Movie Magazine! WooHoo ~ head down - arse up man! ~ it must be in one of those boxes somewhere!.. Where do you guys find that sort of great stuff ? I never get to see anything remotely interesting like that.. Well there are a few publications worth flipping through.... occasionally .
    A biopsy!, I love that sort of thing.. to long ago ? would be interesting to read.

    NYC Irish, has an un-built IFactory kit of the RY ( lucky man!) and offered his assistance with ref pics, dimensions etc, = GOLD, So that combined with any other refmat the project picks up, will help work past any mesh accuracy problems..

    So far ~
    Just consulting with the Sky Marshall on how best to present the project, so its of interest/ useful. ~ Coherent steps. (So it'll probably be a disaster right from the start)
  6. Oh, they've got no time for glory in the Infantry.
    Oh, they've got no use for praises loudly sung.
    But in every soldier's heart in all the Infantry
    Shines the name, shines the name of Rodger Young.

    (Shines the name, Rodger Young!
    Fought and died for the men he marched among.
    To the everlasting glory of the Infantry.
    Lives the story of Private Rodger Young.)

    Caught in ambush lay a company of riflemen
    Just grenades against machine guns in the gloom.
    Caught in ambush till this one of twenty riflemen
    Volunteered, volunteered to meet his doom.

    Volunteered, Rodger Young!
    Fought and died for the men he marched among.
    In the everlasting annals of the Infantry
    Glows the last deed of Private Rodger Young.

    (It was he who drew the fire of the enemy
    That a company of men might live to fight.
    And before the deadly fire of the enemy
    Stood the man, stood the man we hail tonight.)

    On the island of New Georgia in the Solomons
    Stands a simple wooden cross alone to tell.
    That beneath the silent coral of the Solomons
    Sleeps a man, sleeps a man remembered well.

    Sleeps a man, Rodger Young!
    Fought and died for the men he marched among.
    In the everlasting spirit of the Infantry
    Breathes the spirit of Private Rodger Young.

    No, they've got no time for glory in the Infantry.
    No, they've got no use for praises loudly sung.
    But in every soldier's heart in all the Infantry
    Shines the name, shines the name of Rodger Young.

    Shines the name, Rodger Young!
    Fought and died for the men he marched among.
    To the everlasting glory of the Infantry
    Lives the story of Private Rodger Young.
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  8. sdk2knbk

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    Now that I compared the previous image compared to the ones above, I see that the ship I posted is not the same as the RY. One of her sisters, I assume, since I've seen different variants in the movie. Still intersting, though.

    Scott K.
  9. Gearz

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    Excellent.. some interesting material posted already!

    Scott ~ It may only be a sister ship, but BOY that's a beautiful set of textures! there's plenty of hurdles to overcome, at least that's one we can scratch off the list ~ you've given her a nice coat of paint already ! Thank you
    :-D :-D
  10. ekuth

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    Not only that Gearz, but if you poke around on the site SDK gives above, you find this:

    Which convienently open in Meta and Papakura...

    I'm no expert, but this could give a light-year jump on the model! Take a look and see what you think. 8)
  11. w.holzinger

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    Hi everybody,

    because I'm also working on a model of the "Rodger Yount" I was electrified reading this thread. Mainly the 3D models were most interesting. I compared the material I collected until now with the new facts and came to the following results (may be they're interesting):

    A blueprint I found on the net, composed with gimp:

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  12. w.holzinger

    w.holzinger Guest

    Even this blueprint is not totally correct: Compare the front section of the hull against screenshots from the DVD and you'll see what I mean. But it is definitely the best starting point I've seen at the moment.

    Then I checked the 3D model from Gerard Dolan & Marc-Laurent "Magma" Magnier found by Gearz: First a 3D view, then a comparison to the blueprints a finally a view directly from the front (all done in Blender):

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  13. w.holzinger

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    At a first glance the model is absolutely great: Good details and a great overall outlook!
    But then you can see some differences: The rear section with the engines and their assembly is wrong and the overall proportions are not correct, too. The fuselage is too narrow and the engines are too far apart.

    Then I looked at the 3D cruiser-model from Kier Darby found by Scott. Again you can see in from the same positions like the first 3D model:

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  14. w.holzinger

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    Well, a good 3D modellers work, but it has nothing to do with the "Rodger Young". OK, you can see elements of this ship, but that's it IMHO. Also in the whole film I can't see any ship looking like this cruiser, and therefore I doubt whether this model would be a good starting point. I would suggest first to simplify the 3D model from Gerard Dolan & Marc-Laurent "Magma" Magnier and then to correct the mistakes and the proportions. Finally may be it would be a good idea to check the resulting 3D model against some snapshots of the film before doing the unfolding and texturing.

    What do you think???
  15. Gearz

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    Hey thanks ekuth & Scott K. I didn't see the rest of the site ( I should dig under the rocks a little more) That simplified mesh is certainly going to be of assistance.. Don't think we'll use it solely at this stage, probably a combination of the two meshes

    Hi w.holzinger

    May be there interesting YES! ~ very much so! thanks for sharing your info! I like that blueprint, totally agree, it would make a great reference basis. As I mentioned a few posts back, NYC Irish has generously offered to provide a bunch of pix and measurements from an unbuilt Ifactory kit THIS ONE So with that, the blueprint you posted and reference to the DVD.. It will give us the best chance of Hammering a mesh into shape.

    I'm tending to lean toward your thoughts in regard to which mesh to use, both meshes would require work, although those textures on the Darby meshes are gorgeous ! so their a go for me. As soon as get the IFactory kit dimensions I'll post them.

    Btb Dumb question W. ~ are you just building a 3D model of the Young, or card model?

    Thanks for the input!

  16. sdk2knbk

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    To muddy the waters even further, let me draw your attention to this page; I thought earlier that the ship I originally found might be one of the "improved" ones from the end of the movie. Nope, the Athena looks nothing like the S****y Death. Looks like it might be a bit easier to do than the RY, though.

    Scott K.
  17. Another Source

    I found this mesh in the Orbiter models. It does appear to have elements of some of the plans shown here.

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  18. Gearz

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    Scott ~ no muddy waters here~ I'd love to develop the Athena ~ Great looking vessel. Despite a LOT of searching I've never found a 3D model of it..
    BTB.. Hahahaa Just dawned on me ~ Charming name for the Ship in you link! ~ S**** Death.. Wouldn't inspire confidence, I'd recon a crew would have to be pressed to serve on her..

    Thanks plastic Bonsai! excellent spotting, yep that's the Young alright..~ Orbiter? I'm a bit hazy there, its a Space sim? you've obviously got the mesh externally from the program / sim ?

    What format is it in?
    Where can we get it?
    If its a weird format ? Can you ( or anyone ) convert it to a format we can use in Metasequoia ~ .lwo .cob .obj .3ds

    Thanks for the input !

    Some very interesting reading

    This is the wiki page on the original Heinlein Novel ??? didn't realise it was so controversial!

    This the wiki page on Rodger Young ( The Soldier )

  19. Orbiter is a womderful free (space) flight sim.

    The model is available in its .msh format from My utility UMC2 - in the tools bin - can read this format and output it in .mqo format with the textures. IRFAN view can convert the .dds textures but you need to make them square - I use MS Paint for that.

    I could drop what I have in .mqo format into the parts bin but after you see the models that are available in this format you might want to try converting a few yourself.
  20. Gearz

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    Plastic Bonsai = Orbiter = WOW = Christmas !!!!!

    OT ~ Thanks for the link Plastic Bonsai.. 'Orbiter' You weren't exaggerating!!!, what a wealth of material ~ The available models got the blood pumping!, it looks like an excellent Sim. Obviously a lot of very talented ppl involved / contributing. That SAAB APC is one of the nicest meshes I've seen. The Cygnus !! The Event Horizon !!!!! :shock: ( Still mopping up the spilt coffee) A lot very nice real space subjects as well. *sigh* I can see what I'll be doing for next five years!

    UMC ~ Veerry nice little (300k) utility PB! Outstanding work! I'm sorry I missed your original UMC post. I can't say that I can drive it to well just yet ( was to excited to read anything) I hope you continue developing it. The Bad News ~ I managed to get a few of the models converted to Meta's format, although for some reason, any mesh over 1.5 megs made UMC crash?. So I couldn't convert any of the 3 variants of the 'Rodger Young' = 3+ megs each = HELP !!

    This has given me a new idea, ( check one ~ Good / Dumb ) If I'm not mistaken the 'kits ?' provide options to build any of three variants of the Star class vessel.. Since I've bitten off more than I can chew, why not take a leaf from the Sky Marshals Field Manual, and raise the bar even higher! = try offer the same for the Card version! IF... we can get access to the meshes ? Can you help us out with those three PB? ~ Not to concerned about the textures, just the meshes.
    :-D :-D :-D

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