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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by railohio, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. railohio

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    I found these photos on the digital camera tonight and thought I'd share. They were taken back in July and I've filled all three shelves completely with books by now. Recognize anything in there you have?



  2. TrainNut

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    You need to give your librarian some pointers in alphabetizing. "The Last Steam Railroads in America" clearly comes before "Louisville and Nashville in the Appalachians" as does "All Aboard" before "America's Colorful Railroads." Just nitpicking all in good humor:mrgreen:. The most valuable rail related book I ever had was given to me by an uncle. If you do have it, it would be one of those two to the right of the DVD's (can't quite tell). I don't have it anymore but I believe it was called "Diesel Spotters Guide of North America."
  3. railohio

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    Except that it's filed as a Norfolk & Western book. :mrgreen:

    That's when I was shuffling my collection around a bit. All the small books are on the top shelf now, All Aboard, The Men Who Loved Trains, etc. In fact, nothing is filed right right now as I've just gotten a pretty big chunk of books in the mail and I've been doing a lot of writing so nothing is organized.

    I don't have it, but those two books are different editions of the Kalmbach diesel roster books.

  4. 60103

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    Maybe I should take some shots of the library.
    As a preliminary to Christmas, we just shifted 4 bookshelves (4' high and under) from the basement to the den and the upper floor. I now have a large pile of magazines to re-file, and some re-organizing to do.
    Our books often are sorted by colour<size. If I'm lucky, the RR books stay on the shelves under the layout.
    I don't think our collections overlap by more than a couple of books. Can I come down and read?

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