The Progress of Edaville in On2

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    the layout is based on edaville railroad in south carver mass which is or was a cranberry plantition and tourist railroad using the old maine 2 footers

    ok here is the work from the first 2 weeks

    the benchframe was built using 1x4 pine and 2x3 legs.
    it is being built in a modular form the straight modules are 30"x 48" the corners are 48"x48"

    the layout top is 1/2" sanded ply glued and screwed to the 1x4
    and my 2 1/2 year old she is always in the wrong spot at the wrong time 8 out of 10 of my pics has her in them


    i am hand laying my track and wanted a nice hard surface to lay the track on i decided to add a upper layer of plywood supported by 2x2" so i could put water and the cranberry bogs in.

    plaster cloth defining the water and bogs

    coat of hydrocal on top of the plaster cloth then once dried painted with earth colored paint

    then the cork was layed for part of the main line and a siding that will be used for the Grill Car

    and this is where the turnout to feed the siding will be

    more to come in the next week.

    tommarow i plan on sanding the cork flat and gluing on the ties then wendsday i will stat to lay the rail
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    Sweet! Thank you for sharing! Please keep us update to the date!
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    Years ago when Edaville was a reality, me and momma had a season pass and went there very often.... get tired of it? NEVER....Miss it? Oh Yes! Good luck on your project, I can't wait to see the progress

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