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    Right, now as my interurban`s "parent" is supposed to be the mighty PRR i would like to know just how far towards Maine or the California region did the PRR extend as these are the two possible locations i am looking at for basing my line in and i want to know before i start on any senic detailing exactly which of the two areas is more feasible that a PRR connection would have been made.

    Anyone know???
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    ta, bit of modellers liscence needed then - the PRR is going to build through Conneticut and Massachusets (SP??) all the way to Portsmouth (NH)
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    :D :D :D Well, once the New York Central assimulated the PRR, the combined company was then combined with the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad joined in 1969.

    as shown here:

    So - if you have decided on NH -- you can prove that the PRR and NYC, (Penn Central/Conrail did (and still do) run from NH to New York. :) :)

    And the PRR would be the parent company along with the NYC :)
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    oh im set well before the PRR/NYC merger (which BTW never happened in my history, just as UP doesnt exist except as a shortline in NH!), but ive assumed the PRR was able to take over the NYNH&H in an attempt to block Central Pacific out of New England and to form a route to meet the Canadian North Pacific coming down the New England coast on trackage rights
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    Ross: best of luck explaining it! My railroad is a merger of Southern, LNER and LMS to keep the GWR out of Scotland, as an alternative to nationalization.
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    lol, i read up a lot on railroad history and both my lines have taken various "didnt happen" events and made them happen.

    I also happen to really dislike UP so i made it die when the two roads met and the CP live instead. Hence no UP on my layout except as the Union Pacific Mining Company!

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