The Ohio Western (First "Real" Layout)

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Flyboy41, Aug 24, 2007.

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    I prefer Woodland Scenics realistic water. I usually put several drops of blue food coloring dye right in the bottle. Then when I pour it out, the blue is a little vibrant at first but it fades over time. It usually takes me several applications to get it to the depth I like.
  2. Flyboy41

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    I've finished some rock faces and I've poured a plaster "bottom" for the lake/river feature. The mine conveyor will emerge from the top of the hill just to the left of the cliff

    The lake with a cliff

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    Wow, really nice. Gives me inspiration.
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    Work on the OW basically stopped for several months due to work and the holidays. I've finally been able to get some work done. I've completed the lake after having to do it over. The first attempt was a failure and so I poured another plaster bottom over the failed lake, and then painted it and added WS Realistic Water. I'm pleased with the results though it could be better. I'm going to spend the next few work sessions trying to clean things up for an upcoming move that the wife and I are making. Luckily the layout is very portable. Here are some photos.
    An overview of the layout so far.
    The Champion Mine in place.
    And the bridge over the lake
  5. Ralph

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    Wow! The layout is looking great!! Fantastic job on the river scene!
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    Looks great! :thumb: I love the bridge scene and the coal mine. Nice job on the hills!
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    Thanks for all the good feedback everyone. This is an overview shot of the layout.
    This is probably how it's going to stay for a while. I don't do much modeling in the warm months and the wife and I are probably going to move to a different place soon so there's little use putting more stuff on there that can be damaged.
    Any suggestions on what to do next when I get the chance. I am going to have to add a few more feeder wires and I'll probably upgrade to DCC when I get the chance.
    BTW: All the locos and rolling stock on the railroad. That's it. That's all I own.sign1
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    Yeah, I think I've been there before. Looks like SE perhaps the name is actually referencing the Ohio River...not the state. It connects Cincinnati/Dayton with the Coal fields (closed now?) of Wellington and Jackson.
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    Nice work. Love the mine.
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    The trees around the mine look real good. What are you using there?

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    I use Woodland Senics Clump Foliage. I get two different colors to make it look like different trees. The hills are a combination of a foam spine with a little bit of balled up newspaper to fill the gaps. I cover that with plater cloth then paint it a dirt color. I tried putting the foliage on while the paint was wet but the paint wasn't thick enough to hold it to the near vertical hillside. I got the best results using rubber cement or foam glue that I spread with my finger. After the "trees" are set I sprinkle on some ground foam and spray diluted glue on them. I like the look b/c it looks like distant trees and adds depth to the scene.
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    Flyboy41, do you have any dirtroad on tour layout ?
    If yes, how did you make them ?.
    I tried real sifted dirt ( even through a nylon stocking ), but it's still too coarse for an N scale layout.
    The last solution I have in mind is with Zip texturing: mixing some artist pigment with spackle compound.

  14. Flyboy41

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    I haven't been brave enough to try real dirt. I may try Highball Earth when I get back to doing some more scenery. I've heard good things about that product.

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