The OE part of OE & JP R's

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by Jodam, Jul 3, 2005.

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    The OE part of OE & JP R's N-gauge L/O

    Upon finding a fellow Gauger was selling all his N stuff, it became time to do a track plan for the second and larger section of our layout.
    It is 2/3 of a "U" & is 8ft x 5 ft or 9ft if measuring full width. On the RH end the original 8ft x 2ft section connects, and the Jodam Park section loops onto & overlaps the 2 top right tracks on OE .
    Please bear in mind this is not to scale.

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    21 turnouts/points will be used, all aquired through great deals with fellow Gaugers. :thumb:
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    Interesting plan... The ladder on the front right looks a little optomisting to me. Likely it will take more room left to right to accomplish.

    All in all an intersesting plan. Will it be accessable from all sides or does it sit in a corner?
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    Thanks Sean,
    The layout uses 3 walls in the room, only 2 shown on this plan. The other section has an "L" shaped loop of track, with one turnout to the Pier on the bay. which also feeds the Incline Railway to the Ski village on Mt Cablerail.
    The first section (not shown) JP (Jodam Park) will feature a State Park Ski field, Caravan Tourist park & an a motorised fun park (like Cony Island) with Ferris wheel & Carosel.

    The second section OE (Over Engineered) is for standard pass/freight rail movements, as mentioned the plan is not to scale, the top 3 tracks of the ladder only need to be 2-3 pass coaches long, as it will have the repair/graffiti removal shed/car wash on them the middle has a lighted pit between the rails.
    The bottom of the ladder will span 4ft

    So far we have around 40 buildings to fit within the 2 layouts. the Ski Lodges are next to plan and start scratching.

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