The New Badger Creek Lumber Co.

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    Shamus, why did you go back to code 100? I know this layout you are reusing the code 100 from the last, but why did you go from 75 back to 100 a layout or two ago? If you didn't have the 100 available, what would you use? What would you use if you had 75, 83, and 100 all available?

    What's sea moss or sea foam?

    If you toss green foam in the blender does it make ground foam??? :D :D :D

    I like the idea of using natural ingrediants, like the ground up leaves, but I wonder if having the nutrients there will encourage undesired growth (yucky fungus, mold, etc.).

    Hmm, I think wifey needs a new blender for Christmas. :D :D :D Oh, don't throw that old one away, I'll store is in the garage so we'll have a spare, just in case, you know, for emergencies. What if we NEED a maragarita and the new one breaks or is dirty? Two years later: What are these little green chunks in my margarita dear? :eek:
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    There are still a few trees on the modules, that have "blender ground" foam foliage. Since Woodland Scenics, I don't have green chunks in things from the blender.
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    Re: Re: The New Badger Creek Lumber Co.

    Is that with gin or vodka? :D :D :D Thanks, mate. Too bad we can't get the fresh stuff here to grind up, esp. fer a dollar.

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