the new Answer SU-85 kit

Discussion in 'Armory & Military' started by andrew ferguson, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. Has anyone built this kit yet? I'm interested in opinions.

  2. Stev0

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    This is going to sound bad no matter how I say it but ...

    Their site SUCKS for demonstrating their wares.

    Cripes, why do companies create sites like this? It's like a Car Dealer selling cars with out putting them out to see or allowing you to test drive them.

    All model manufacturers ... go look at Modelik and learn what it's like to create a GOOD WEBSITE.

    Uhoh ... this should be in the *****es and Gripes section.
  3. charliec

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    I notice on Answer's site that a T-34/76 is in the pipeline.

    There seems to be a Russian armour fashion among the Polish designers - there's been quite a number of these in the last year.


  4. i've never seen or built an Answer kit. Are they generally of good quality and design? Is it safe to go ahead and order the SU-85?
  5. paper warrior

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    where is the answer site, they had a machine gun model a few years back.
  6. Clashster

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    I just received this model from Paper Model Store - they had a special on it, so I was forced (perhaps coerced :twisted: ) into getting it. First impressions are that it has nice printing and clear diagrams for construction. Does not look nearly as difficult as the GPM and Modelik tanks I have, and certainly not as crazy as the Halinski Bergepanther I got in the same shipment! ;) Seven pages of parts and about 140 numbered pieces (obviously with wheels, it will be a lot more parts). Tracks are fairly simple. Overall, I like the look of this one and will probably be high on my construction list to get me in good form for the Bergepanther! :twisted:

    BTW, Paper Warrior, here is the Answer site:

    Don't think it is of any help, though, as I could not even locate all their offerings or any pictures of the models. They link to

    but it seems they just show the covers of Answer's offerings.

    When I get around to building this, I'll post some pictures!


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