The movie sucked but the planes were awesome

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    I don't know that this goes in this particular forum but I couldn't find another that I thought was better.

    As you may have guessed I'm referring to the movie "Stealth". One review I read was pretty acurate, in essence it said that the movie was a video game that had no joystick and all you could do was watch. There was almost no plot whatsoever and the only character that got developed even a little was the robot.

    But like I said the planes were cool, and I guess that maybe I should have put this in the wish list forum cause I'm wondering if anyone knows where 3 or 5 view drawings of the planes might be obtained? I think it might be a fun project after I finish my corsair.

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    Howdy willja67

    I havent seen the movie, only clips and the are some awesome planes. Fiddlersgreen makes a card model of the fictional F-19 stealth fight which was introduced by plastic model companies before anyone knew what the new "stealth fighter" actually looked like. Despite the fact that it was totally wrong.....they still sold many of the plastic kits. Below is a picture from Google of the FG card model kit

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW

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