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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by iis612, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    The Dynometer car can be used as a current prototype. Canadian Pacific has one that dates back to the 1930's at least.
  2. iis612

    iis612 Member

    I have listed a bunch of these on Ebay, with more listings to come in the next few days.
    If you go to the Auctions forum you will find the links.

    Some of them I was smart enough to give them a title before the link :oops:

  3. iis612

    iis612 Member

    The CB&Q Dynomometer car prototype is from the late 1800's.
  4. iis612

    iis612 Member

    I wonder if that is by location or something like that, that would effect the cost. Shipping, for me, is far cheaper using USPS. Followed by a very distant second being FedEx.
  5. Russ Bellinis

    Russ Bellinis Active Member

    My understanding from reading posts by our Canadian friends is that the post office just sends the packages to the addressee. Any customs charges are the receiver's responsibility. UPS, FEDEX, etc. charge customs duties and broker's fees on top of the freight charges, and those fees are often higher than the cost of the freight charges. I'm also not sure that the freight companies differentiate between the value and therefor the amount of duty required for used versus new models. I'm also not sure how NAFTA has effected customs charges.
  6. adn1810

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    I bought the "Helly Dolly" car from you on e-bay. I have been looking for the kit for a year. The Ashley, Drew and Northern tried two of the cars for plywood shipments in the early 70's. The cars had dollies inside that could be loaded with stacks of plywood and rolled to the ends of the car. Worked great on oubound shipments, but on the return trip the shippers would not secure the dollies. They rolled all over the car, ruined the dollies and tore the inside of car up. I have one photo of a car lettered AD&N and it has the same road number as the car in the kit. I plan to use the plans to scratch build both cars. I model the Ashley, Drew & Northern in HO the late 70's - early 80's. All BN green diesels, boxcars, wood racks and chip gons. I have the best of reference for my modelling. The retired president of the AD&N is in our local modelling group. Thanks for putting the car on e-bay. If you have others, I would be interested in bidding or purchasing them direct.

  7. iis612

    iis612 Member

    Thank you for your purchase. :thumb: I will dig through what I have left and see if I have any others. If I do, I will let you know. If not, don't fret as my father in law is going to be giving me a bunch more of the Ambroid kits, there may be more coming soon.


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